Mexico’s Case Against NAFTA: An Economic and Environmental Wrecking Ball

If Trump were to be believed, Mexico somehow “won” with NAFTA. Yet, for some inexplicable reason, the country is still plagued by crime and full of people who risk leaving it for greener pastures.

Mexican activists carry signs that read in Spanish "Racism is not commerce," at a protest against the seventh round of the North American Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA, renegotiations, in front of the foreign relations office in Mexico City, Feb. 27, 2018. Marco Ugarte | AP

MEXICO CITY -- There has been a lot of talk by President Donald Trump over the past two years about the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and how it has hurt U.S. workers, but it is only reasonable to ask: What has it done to Mexico? During the 2016 U.S. Presidential election, a single issue united supporters of both Senator Bernie

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Blue-Collar Workers In Both US & Mexico Devastated By NAFTA

The trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada displaced about 2 million small farmers in Mexico.

As the state’s business leaders vie for a seat at the table during the North American Free Trade Agreement’s upcoming renegotiation talks, another interest group is hoping there is enough room for one more point of view. Unlike those who advocate for cheaper products and tariff-free commerce, they're speaking out for the blue-collar workers on

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Trump’s NAFTA Reversal Likely Tied To Oil Industry Pressure

Despite Trump’s promises to “entirely renegotiate” what he once called “the worst trade deal in history,” his administration’s proposed changes to NAFTA are modest at best. This reversal coincides with major investments made by U.S. oil companies that have direct ties to some of the most powerful figures in the Trump administration.

Trump pauses while speaking in the East Room of the White House in Washington. (AP/Andrew Harnik)

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Having called the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) “the worst trade deal in history” during his presidential campaign and repeatedly promising to “entirely renegotiate” the controversial pact, Donald Trump’s stance on NAFTA has seemed clear for months, especially after he affirmed the need to radically alter the

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Mexico Wants To Renegotiate NAFTA ‘As Soon As Possible’

Mexico’s new foreign relations secretary says there’s “enormous uncertainty” following the U.S. election of Donald Trump as president.

Mexico's new Foreign Relations Secretary Luis Videgaray stands during a press conference at the Los Pinos presidential residence in Mexico City. Videgaray said Tuesday, Jan. 10, that the country isn’t only willing to negotiate changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, it wants negotiations as soon as possible. (AP/Marco Ugarte)

MEXICO CITY (REPORT) — Mexico's new foreign relations secretary says the country isn't only willing to negotiate changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, it wants negotiations as soon as possible. Luis Videgaray says there's "enormous uncertainty" following the U.S. election of Donald Trump as president. Trump has pressured companies

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Mexican Activist Says NAFTA Should Act As A Warning Against TPP

Opponents warning that the is designed with the interests of transnational capital in mind and will only lead to greater misery and inequality.

Activists from Canada, U.S., and Mexico gathered in Ottawa to demonstrate against the TPP and Mexican President Peña Nieto. | Photo: Ben Powless / Common Frontiers

The heads of government from Mexico, Canada, and the United States gathered in Ottawa Wednesday for the "Three Amigos" Summit in order to push trade liberalization, and specifically the TPP. Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and U.S. President Barack Obama were forced to defend free trade in light of

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REPORT: NAFTA’s Deadly Legacy: Corporate Profits Over People And Planet

Ahead of Transatlantic and Transpacific trade deals, report authors warn: ‘Remember NAFTA’.

Mexican forensic experts examine the body of a boy under the Paso Del Norte border bridge in the city of Ciudad Juarez, Mexico on June 7, 2010. Officials released a statement demanding a full investigation into the deaths of victims allegedly shot by a U.S. Border Patrol agents. (AP Photo)

The legacy of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), twenty years after implementation, is one of environmental degradation and corporate dominance, according to a report published Tuesday. Governments on the verge of signing similar agreements—both the Transpacific (TTP) and Transatlantic (TTIP) trade deals— ought to take a "page out

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