Tucker Carlson: The Elite Pedigree of a Brilliant Cosplaying “Populist”

Tucker Carlson has made a fortune pretending to be a populist everyman, but his incredibly sketchy past includes ties to neocons, the CIA, and multiple trips to Nicaragua as a “freedom-fighter” with the Contras.

Tucker Carlson Feature photo

NEW YORK – Tucker Carlson is the hottest media personality in America. Comfortably the most watched cable news show, Tucker Carlson Tonight is a ratings bonanza, with even former President Donald Trump said to be a keen viewer. Part of Carlson’s appeal is that he presents himself as a maverick outsider, someone who thinks outside the box and is not

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“No Mas!” Nicaragua Quits OAS as EU Tries to Undermine Venezuela Elections

Countries like Nicaragua and Venezuela should be applauded for rejecting the overt hypocrisy, hubris, and cruelty of the West, and for asserting their right to national sovereignty.

Venezuela Elections OAS Feature photo

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- "We do not recognize ourselves as a colony of any power and we claim national dignity and decorum, in legitimate defense of our independence, sovereignty, and self-determination.”  With these words, Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Denis Moncada announced that Nicaragua would be joining Venezuela in quitting the Organization of

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The Facebook Team that Tried to Swing Nicaragua’s Election is Full of U.S. Spies

A tacit agreement between the government and Facebook appears to have been made: you can keep the profits, but we control the message. As such, a cynic might wonder what functional difference there is between Facebook and the national security state.

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA -- Less than a week before Nicaragua’s presidential election, social media giant Facebook deleted the accounts of hundreds of the country’s top news outlets, journalists and activists, all of whom supported the ruling left-wing Sandinista government, a top Washington target for regime change. Facebook claims that these

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Meet the Nicaraguans Facebook Falsely Branded Bots and Censored Days Before Elections

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter suspended hundreds of influential pro-Sandinista journalists and activists days before Nicaragua’s November 7 elections, falsely claiming they were government trolls. The Grayzone interviewed them to reveal the truth.

MANAGUA, NICARAGUA (The Grayzone) — Just days before Nicaragua’s November 7 elections, top social media platforms censored top Nicaraguan news outlets and hundreds of journalists and activists who support their country’s leftist Sandinista government. The politically motivated campaign of Silicon Valley censorship amounted to a massive purge of

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Why Shady Billionaire-Funded NGOs Pushed a PBS Report on Nicaraguan “Conflict Beef”

The PBS story about “conflict beef” in Nicaragua reveals how billionaire-backed foundations defame and punish those who are too independent.

Nicaragua Conflict Beef Feature photo

MISKITO COAST, NICARAGUA -- There is much truth in the old saying, “He who pays the piper, calls the tune,” and the neoliberal era has spawned individuals with incredible wealth who, through “philanthropy,” can feel good and flex their influence at the same time. While these philanthropists can be liberal on some issues, they almost universally

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The US Govt’s Obsession with – and Lies about Nicaragua

The US govt. has spent millions of dollars through NED, US AID, NGOs, etc., at least since 2014, getting ready for the overthrow of a progressive government, primarily because it IS progressive compared to the other Central American governments.


The intense focus on the “ills” of Nicaragua completely misses the deep issues of continued US intervention – imperial neocolonialism – into the sovereign lives of other countries, as here with Nicaragua. Whether you love or hate Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo, their personalities and personal lives are not the issue, whatsoever. For us

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