Raids, Arrests and Death Threats: Israel’s Strategy of Silencing Human Rights Defenders

Now that Israel seems to have accepted that there is little it can do to reverse this brand, it is accelerating its colonial efforts, while hunkering down for a long fight ahead.

On October 21, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced the issuance of a military order designating six prominent Palestinian human rights groups as ‘terrorist organizations’. Gantz claimed that they are secretly linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a socialist political group that Israel considers, along with

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Has So-Called ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Become a Euphemism for Oppression?

A terminal lack of transparency combined with the massive power imbalance in aid work is causing an endless repetition of financial and sexual abuse by members of charities that take advantage of the most vulnerable under the cover of chaos.

A sign in Haiti depicts a United Nations Peacekeeper in the form of a monster. (Photo: Ramon Espinosa/AP)

The latest Oxfam sex abuse scandal does not exist in a vacuum. It is not the first time that aid groups have been accused of sexual misconduct towards the very people the entities purport to protect, and without significant change, it will not be the last time that such allegations emerge. The current debacle began with the revelation of sexual

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Oxfam’s Sex Scandal: Haiti’s Latest Indignity at the Hands of Dogooders

Structurally speaking, NGOs are not accountable to the people they serve or the host governments. They are only accountable (and this story shows the limits of this) to their donors and countries of origin.

A girl takes out the trash to an open air dump, behind, in the Cite Soleil slum of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Nov. 21, 2017. (AP/Dieu Nalio Chery)

I was in Cuba when the Oxfam “Caligula” sex scandal in Haiti broke. Knowing my work in the field, a colleague with years of experience working in disaster response agencies asked me what I thought. When I had the chance to catch up on the story, my response included, “I wasn’t surprised.” She was horrified. “Underage girls wearing nothing but

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New East African Mockumentary Takes Aim at the Billion-Dollar Aid World

Drugs, alcohol, misogyny and hapless leadership are just a few issues surrounding the everyday affairs of a fictitious NGO office in a comedic TV show.

Screenshot from the new television series: The Samaritans.

A young, arrogant country director from America has arrived to the field office in Nairobi, Kenya, and asks one of his local-national employees to get him some weed because he is running low. An office manager has her subordinate gather her “usual” post-work supplies:  vodka, several valium and a crack pipe. More than one of the men in the office

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Egypt: NGO Prison Sentences Send Chill Through Civil Society

Civil society organizations are being restricted and targeted in the post-Mubarak era.

CAIRO, Egypt — An Egyptian court’s ruling that 43 NGO staffers, including 16 Americans, be sentenced to up to five years in prison for using foreign funding to foment unrest is raising fears about the future of pro-democracy and human rights organizations operating here. The sentences were delivered on the same day that Egypt’s Shura Council, or

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