The Trust Project: Big Media and Silicon Valley’s Weaponized Algorithms Silence Dissent

Given the Trust Project’s rich-get-richer impact on the online news landscape, it is not surprising to find that it is funded by a confluence of tech oligarchs and powerful forces with a clear stake in controlling the flow of news.

After the failure of Newsguard -- the news rating system backed by a cadre of prominent neoconservative personalities -- to gain traction among American tech and social media companies, another organization has quietly stepped in to direct the news algorithms of tech giants such as Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. Though different from

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Bad News for The News: The Fox-Disney Merger Again Shortens the Media Menu

The consolidation of two media empires is a disaster for those who want a diverse, independent media.

News Media mergers

BURBANK, CALIFORNIA -- The long-rumored Fox-Disney merger was made official Wednesday, as Disney closed on its purchase of much of Rupert Murdoch’s media empire. The $73.1 dollar “merger” – more accurately described as an acquisition – continues a worrying trend of media consolidation and gives Disney control and ownership over a historic 35 to 40

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New Study Finds 50-Year History of Anti-Palestine Bias in Mainstream News Reporting

A study of 50 years of headlines in 5 top newspapers finds that media coverage of Israel-Palestine favors Israel by providing more overall coverage, more positive coverage, and greater access to Israeli voices than to Palestinian ones. Much of this can be attributed to pressure from the pro-Israel lobby.

Israel | News Media Bias

A recent media study based on an analysis of 50 years of data found that major U.S. newspapers have provided consistently skewed, pro-Israel reporting on Israel-Palestine. The study, conducted by 416Labs, a Toronto-based consulting and research firm, is the largest of its kind. Using computer analysis, researchers evaluated the headlines of

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NeoCons Test Drive Newest Weapon to Crush Indie Media, Put MintPress in Their Crosshairs

The website [MintPress] does not disclose its liberal bent. For example, a January 2019 story was titled, “New Senate anti-BDS Bill Unconstitutional and Ineffective at Curbing Boycotts.” … Would you like to comment about making any political leanings transparent to online readers? — Question submitted by Newsguard to MintPress News

Spain UN Human Rights

MINNEAPOLIS --  A recently founded venture claiming to be “a news rating agency” is making its big breakout in 2019 by claiming to be an authority at the forefront in the fight against “fake news.” Newsguard -- which describes itself as an organization dedicated to “restoring trust and accountability” and using “journalism to fight false news,

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The Limits Of Dissent – Glenn Greenwald And The Guardian

Even a comparatively honest, Chomskyite journalist like Glenn Greenwald is either not willing or not able to tell the whole truth about a paper that has done enormous harm in promoting Perpetual War with endless nonsense about ‘our’ supposed ‘responsibility to protect’ civilians in oil-rich countries like Iraq and Libya.

Glenn Greenwald | The Guardian

When we think of prisons, we tend to think of Alcatraz, Bang Kwang and Belmarsh with their guard towers, iron bars and concrete. But in his forthcoming book, '33 Myths of the System', Darren Allen invites us to imagine a prison with walls made entirely of vacuous guff: Censorship is unnecessary in a system in which everyone can speak, but only

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Alex Jones was an Easy Censorship Precedent – Predictably Other Dissent is Following

Our democracy is traveling down a slippery slope of censorship by private internet portals and the mainstream news media is saying nothing.

Supporters of a right-wing group protest against censorship after their events, groups and profiles were blocked by Facebook in front of the Facebook Office in Warsaw, Poland, Nov. 5, 2016. (AP/Czarek Sokolowski)

FACEBOOK, THE PUBLIC COMMONS -- On August 11, Facebook suddenly took down the Facebook page of teleSUR English for allegedly failing to comply with Facebook’s Terms of Use. This unit is a part of Telesur, a left-wing news organization “sponsored primarily by the government of Venezuela, but also by Cuba, Nicaragua, Uruguay, and Bolivia.” After

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