How the US Government Stokes Racial Tensions in Cuba and Around the World

In Washington’s eyes, the point of funding Black, indigenous, LGBT or other minority groups in enemy countries is not simply to promote tensions there; it is also to create a narrative that will help convince liberals and leftists in the United States to support American intervention.

Cuba Black Lives Matter Feature photo

HAVANA -- “A Black uprising is shaking Cuba’s Communist regime,” read The Washington Post’s headline on the recent unrest on the Caribbean island. “Afro-Cubans Come Out In Droves To Protest Government,” wrote NPR. Meanwhile, The Wall Street Journal went with “Cuba’s Black Communities Bear the Brunt of Regime’s Crackdown” as a title. These were

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The NED Strikes Again: How Neocon Money is Funding the Hong Kong Protests

The West has more to do with the Hong Kong protest movement than it would like us to know. It’s the ugly face of Washington’s long-standing foreign policy directed at destabilizing one of its long-standing economic foes: China.

Hong Kong Protest Feature photo

  It’s been a summer of unrest in Hong Kong, and the Western mainstream press has been in uproar providing non-stop coverage of what they’ve described as a “pro-democracy movement fighting for freedom” against the repressive Chinese government.  Since March, thousands of protesters have taken to the streets each week, clashing with police

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US Govt Spent $4 Million To Undermine Cuban Democracy In 2015

In the past two decades, Washington funded destabilizing programs with about US$284 million, according to the official data of the U.S. administration.

Javier Yanez stands on his balcony where he hung a U.S. and Cuban flag in Old Havana Cuba, Friday, Dec. 19, 2014

Washington spent close to US$4 million in 2015 alone to fund programs that promote regime change in the socialist island of Cuba through the U.S. agency National Endowment for Democracy, data compiled by journalist Tracey Eaton revealed, issued Wednesday by Along the Malecon. Cuban youth are the main target of such funding, followed by

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