One Minute To Munich

Did John Kerry really just compare the situation in Syria to the lead-up to Nazi Germany’s invasion of Europe?

Right on the heels of word that the U.K. Parliament had rejected Prime Minister David Cameron’s bid to have the United Kingdom strike Syria, President Obama has wisely decided to submit a U.S. decision to attack Damascus for congressional approval. As a result, Labor Day – normally a quiet holiday on Capitol Hill – saw a flurry of administration

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Are A French Politician’s Islamophobic Remarks Protected Under Freedom Of Expression?

The European Parliament recently stripped Marine Le Pen of her immunity from prosecution for her comparison of Muslims with the NazI occupation.

“Fifteen years ago, we started seeing veils on our streets; more and more veils. Then we started seeing burqas: more and more burqas. After that came prayers in the streets […] and now there are 10 to 15 locations in which people gather, taking our public space. […] I’m sorry, but some people are very fond of talking about the Second World War and

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It’s In The Blood: The Forgotten US Eugenics Program

Former Heritage Foundation scholar Jason Richwine’s widely-denounced research — which claimed immigrants possess lower IQs — hearkens back to a darker time in American academia.

Although Jason Richwine, the controversial co-author of the Heritage Foundation’s widely discredited study on the costs of immigration reform, resigned from the Heritage Foundation, he has not backed down from his assertion – made in his 2009 Harvard dissertation – that Hispanic immigrants have IQs too low to broadly assimilate into U.S.

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