Banking Regulations For Marijuana Industry “Imminent”

“Without access to basic banking services, many legitimate cannabis businesses are forced to manage sales, payroll, and even tax bills entirely in cash.”

Drug dealers may only accept cash, but those in the legal marijuana industry throughout the U.S. say they want access to and the chance to be regulated by the banking industry so that like other legitimate businesses, business owners and their customers can use credit card services, deposit money in a bank, and more. The trouble right now is

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Has Legalized Marijuana Sparked A Crime Wave?

Most marijuana dispensaries have thousands of dollars in cash and no safe place to put the money.

Marijuana dispensaries in states such as Colorado and California are being raided not just by Drug Enforcement Administration officials these days, but by thieves not only interested in the drug itself but lured by the thousands of dollars in cash that dispensaries are unable to deposit since they lack access to bank accounts. Due to marijuana’s

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Trade Organization Pushes Federal Tax Reforms For Marijuana Businesses

A bill that would allow the same tax deductions for marijuana-related business as other businesses is gaining traction in Washington.

On Thursday, the National Cannabis Industry Association, the sole national trade association in the U.S. working to advance the interests of cannabis-related businesses, announced a new piece of legislation that would essentially force the federal government to tax marijuana-industry related businesses at the same rate as all other small

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Is New Jersey’s Medical Marijuana Program A ‘Scam’?

Only 127 of some 1,000 patients who have applied for medical marijuana have been able to receive it.

After a New Jersey newspaper ran a story about a cancer patient living in the Garden State who was forced to buy marijuana from the black market despite qualifying for the state’s medical marijuana program, the paper’s editorial department blasted New Jersey’s medical marijuana program calling it a “scam.” Suzette Roberts, 64, suffers from stage 4

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