No Sign that Amnesty Apartheid Report Will Shatter Pan-Israeli Denial of “Palestinian Problem”

The general attitude taken by Israeli politicians – and one dares say the people who voted for them – is that the Palestinian problem is not their problem. If the Palestinians misbehave, the Israeli war machine will know how to deal with them.

Palestinian men walk past a section of Israel's apartheid wall to cross IDF checkpoint from Palestine on their way to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

JERUSALEM – For decades, Israel has tried to resolve the Palestinian “problem” by ignoring it completely. The heads of the Israeli parties that make up the coalition government met with their party members recently and discussed the issues on their agendas and there was not a moment spent on Palestinians. The following are examples of the

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Ultimate Dog Whistle: World Misses Israel’s Hebrew-Language Incitement Against Palestinians

Israeli State-sponsored terrorism and incitement against the Palestinians are not new. The intensity that we currently see, particularly since the uprising of May 2021, is a serious cause for concern. 

Israeli media incitment Feature photo

THE NAQAB -- Zionist incitement against Palestinians is at an all-time high but you wouldn’t know it by reading the international press because it is all done in Hebrew. The violent, racist-supremacist discourse that takes place in the Israeli media and among Israeli politicians is also done in Hebrew and so it gets little or no attention. And so,

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Where Infrastructure Means Prisons: A Drive into the Naqab and the Illusion of Israeli Democracy

Out of close to 250,000 Palestinian Beduin in the Naqab, about half live in “unrecognized villages.” This means they get no roads, no electricity or running water, no schools or medical facilities — no services at all.

Naqab Feature photo

THE NAQAB, PALESTINE -- As I was preparing to leave Palestine, I found it harder to fall asleep. I spent the last few days in Jerusalem, mostly walking between the neighborhoods of Sheikh Jarrah in the north and Silwan in the south, crossing through the alleys of the Old City on the way. But even during the days when things had seemingly calmed

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Israel Destroys the Homes and History of Palestine’s Indigenous Bedouin

Because the Naqab is a largely fertile desert where agriculture and animal husbandry were practiced by the indigenous Bedouin community for centuries, from 1948 the State of Israel, in settler-colonial fashion, has been engaged in taking the land and the resources while getting rid of the indigenous communities on it.

Palestinian Bedouin Negev

BIR-AS-SABA’, NAQAB (Analysis) -- The Naqab region is assumed to be an integral part of the apartheid state of Israel. However, like all other parts of historic Palestine, it was taken by force and occupied since 1948, when the Zionist state was established. For the last seven decades its indigenous people, the Palestinian Bedouin who have

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