DHS Head Chad Wolf Adopts Language of War in Threats Against Portland Protesters

The phrase “all options on the table” is largely used in politics as a code phrase conveying the most extreme violence imaginable, without having to explicitly state it. Now it’s being used against American citizens.

Chad Wolf Portland Protests Feature photo

Even after three months of continuous demonstrations over the police killing of George Floyd, protests in Portland, Oregon continue, as demonstrators clash with police and pro-Trump groups. With no end in sight, acting Secretary of Homeland Security Chad Wolf sent a cryptic but threatening message to Black Lives Matter and other groups, telling ABC

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Why So Few American Muslims Serve in the US Military

Despite the large and active recruitment drives targeting them, a heightened level of casual and toxic Islamophobia within the ranks of America’s Armed Forces is alienating many Muslim Americans who might otherwise consider joining.

Affraz Mohammed Feature Photo

With long and seemingly endless conflicts across the Middle East and North Africa, the United States Armed Forces is constantly struggling to meet recruitment targets for its wars. One group that is greatly underrepresented in our armed forces is Muslim Americans; fewer than 10,000 troops list their faith as Islam, accounting for just 0.3

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American Weapons Manufacturers Are Thriving Even as the US Economy Suffers

Washington has made it a priority to radically overhaul the military in double time, designating weapons manufacturers as “essential” services during the pandemic.

Coronavirus Weapons Manufactures Feature photo

The economy has crashed. A nationwide pandemic that has (officially) claimed some 84,000 Americans has also resulted in an estimated 36 million filing for unemployment insurance and millions frequenting food banks for the first time. Yet business is booming for one unlikely industry; weapons manufacturers are busier than ever and are even

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Rage Against the War Machine: An Interview with Peace Activist Cindy Sheehan

An interview with anti-war campaigner Cindy Sheehan on how liberals learned to love her, her clash with the Women’s March and more.

Cindy Sheehan Feature photo

Some 2.7 billion dollars per day. That’s how much the U.S. government will spend next year to prop up the military and the more than 800 bases it maintains in over 70 countries. All in the name of national security. And despite that staggering figure, a majority of Americans feel that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were not even worth fighting,

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Hollywood’s ‘Captain Marvel’ Blockbuster Is Blatant US Military Propaganda

Grayzone’s Ben Norton looks at the sizable role the Pentagon played in the production of the hit Hollywood film Captain Marvel, and how the blockbuster film is being used spread recruitment propaganda.

Captain Marvel | Air Force

Grayzone -- The superhero blockbuster Captain Marvel is a perfect case study for how the United States military uses Hollywood to spread propaganda. The US military is at the center of the plot of Captain Marvel. The film’s protagonist, Carol Danvers, is a former US Air Force pilot who becomes a superhero after absorbing the powers of an

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The Future is Female (Death Merchants): MSM Celebrates Women in the War Machine

While it’s significant that Winiecki was the first female F-35 test pilot to complete a mission, it is also significant that the accident-prone, $1.5 trillion dollar boondoggle that is the F-35 completed a mission.

Female Air Force Pilots

WASHINGTON -- The mainstream media has made a noisy effort over the years to humanize America’s war machine. But now, outlets like MSNBC are doubling down on efforts in 2019, celebrating the feminization of America’s institutions of destruction and foreign sabotage. You may think you’ve seen it all: from the “humanitarian intervention” canard

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