The Paradoxical Seeds of The Holocaust: Oppression and Death Live On in the Apartheid State

According to Amnesty Internaational, the crime of apartheid began in 1948 when the state of Israel was established.

Israel Apartheid Feature photo

LYD, OCCUPIED PALESTINE – It is becoming increasingly difficult for Israel and the agencies that promote Zionism around the world to portray Zionism in rosy colors. This is primarily because there is a history of close to 100 years of Zionism; and the actions of the Zionist State, Israel, have a history of seven and a half decades of violence and

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My Day in Palestine: The Stunning Beauty and Cruel Reality of an Occupied Land

Walking through the low hills of the Naqab as the sun sets and the moon comes up is an experience that allows us to imagine what Palestine was like before it was torn apart by Zionists and what can still be saved if we act fast.

Occupied Palestine Feature photo

JERUSALEM -- The ruins of the Palestinian village of Sataf sit on the slope of a beautiful hill on the outskirts of Jerusalem. Today the area is a Jewish National Foundation (JNF) park called “Har Eitan,” or Mount Eitan. It is covered in pine trees that were planted by the JNF to hide the Zionist crime of ethnic cleansing, a crime that has been

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A Chink in My Privilege: When Being White and Jewish Isn’t Enough

I have been questioned enough times to know that things are not going well when the officer looks at your passport and asks you questions for which the answers are written in the passport itself.

Miko Peled Arrest Feature photo

JERUSALEM -- “I need a cell for a Jew,” the Israeli cops driving the jeep called into the jail. I was the Jew they were referring to and the jail was the infamous “Muskobia,” in the heart of West Jerusalem. This was the end of a long and tiring day that began with a protest in the village of Nabi Saleh in Palestine. I was covered in sweat, tear

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Why Israel’s Gilboa Prison Break has Palestinians Celebrating

Opportunities for Palestinians to celebrate as a nation are few and far between, so when news broke of the escape of six high-profile Palestinian prisoners from one of Israel’s most notorious prisons, people took to the streets in triumph.

Gilboa Prison Break Feature photo

GILBOA PRISON, PALESTINE -- It is said that Palestinians are the most incarcerated people in the world. Rarely does one find a Palestinian who has not been a victim of the Israeli prison system and when one does find one such person, he or she will have a sibling, parent or another close relative who serves or has served time in an Israeli prison.

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My Visit to Lyd, Where Historical and Contemporary Zionist Oppression Meet

Palestine stretches from the River Jordan to the Mediterranean and goes right through the ancient Palestinian city of Lyd.

Lyd Feature photo

LYD, PALESTINE -- One of the toughest challenges facing those who fight for justice in Palestine is breaking the Zionist paradigm, which limits the name Palestine to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. These two delineations of territory have no historical meaning and no geographical significance. They are no different from other parts of Palestine

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Podcast Panel: The Israeli Assault on Gaza with Malak Mattar, Dan Cohen and Miko Peled

Malak Mattar, Dan Cohen and Miko Peled join MintCast to discuss the ongoing Israeli violence in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza Podcast Panel

Welcome to MintCast, the official MintPress podcast featuring dissenting voices the establishment would rather silence. I’m your host Mnar Adley. Israel’s latest attack on Palestine has captured the world’s attention. On Saturday, the Israeli military attacked the Shati Refugee Camp in Gaza, killing 10 people, including eight children. The same

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