British Soldier Arrested for Protesting Against Yemen War & Arms Support for Saudi Arabia

“ I’ve seen too much not to speak out and I’d rather sleep peacefully in a cell than stay silent for a paycheck” — Former British Soldier Ahmed Al-Babati

Soldier Ahmed Al-Batati on British War Crimes in Yemen and the Middle East

The war in Afghanistan appears to be drawing to a close. But Western atrocities in the Middle East continue, with the 20-year-old War on Terror estimated to have displaced over 37 million people globally. One particularly noteworthy example is the onslaught in Yemen, driving the country to become “the world’s worst humanitarian crisis,” in the

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How China Won the Middle East Without Firing a Single Bullet

“If oil and influence were the prizes, then it seems China, not America, has ultimately won the Iraq war and its aftermath – without ever firing a shot.” — Jamil Anderlini

China Middle East Feature photo

A much anticipated American foreign policy move under the Biden Administration on how to counter China’s unhindered economic growth and political ambitions came in the form of a virtual summit on March 12, linking, aside from the United States, India, Australia and Japan. Although the so-called ‘Quad’ revealed nothing new in their joint

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US, Allies Drop 46 Bombs Per Day for 20 Years, New CODEPINK Research Reveals

The United States has been at war for nearly every year of its existence as an independent nation, fighting in 227 years of its 244-year history. 

Airstrikes target ISIS positions on the edge of the Old City a day after Iraq's prime minister declared "total victory" in Mosul, Iraq, July 11, 2017. (AP/Felipe Dana)

VENICE, CALIFORNIA -- The United States and its allies have dropped at least 326,000 bombs and missiles on countries in the greater Middle East/ North Africa region since 2001. That is the conclusion of new research by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies of anti-war group CODEPINK. Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and Yemen are the countries that

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The Arab World Flounders in the Face of the Coronavirus Crisis

Arab countries remain unable or unwilling to formulate a collective strategy to help their poorest and most vulnerable survive coronavirus.

Coronavirus Middle East Feature photo

While the Coronavirus continues to ravage almost every nation on earth, Arab countries remain unable, or unwilling, to formulate a collective strategy to help the poorest and most vulnerable Arabs survive the deadly virus and its economic fallout.  Worse, amid growing international solidarity, we are yet to see a pan-Arab initiative that aims to

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Biden’s Foreign Policy Team Hints at War with China, Conflict with Russia

An analysis by the Brookings Institute based on interviews with Biden’s foreign policy teams hints at a foreign policy that closely mirrors that of the Pentagon under President Trump.

Joe Biden Foreign Policy Feature photo

After closely conversing with senior foreign policy experts on Joe Biden’s team, Thomas Wright, Director of the Center on the United States and Europe for the influential think-tank the Brookings Institute, penned an unintentionally hair-raising article on what a Biden presidency would look like for the rest of the world. He explains to his elite

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The UK Hasn’t Bombed Iraq or Syria Since Last September. What Gives?

Amid COVID-19, Brexit, and an ongoing economic crisis, the UK appears to be winding down its deadly Middle East bombing campaign. So where to next for the RAF?

UK Bombing Feature photo

The UK’s involvement in the U.S.-led air war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria has slowly and quietly wound down over the last few months. Official figures show that the UK hasn’t dropped a single bomb as part of this campaign since September last year. However, where those bombs have caused significant civilian harm is still uncertain, even after

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