Michael Bloomberg’s President Run Raises Questions About Democracy and a Free Press

The New Yorker’s presidential bid highlights the contradictions between both extreme wealth and a for-profit, corporate advertiser-driven media landscape and democracy and freedom of expression. 

Michael Bloomberg Feature Photo

After months of speculation, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg formally announced a high-profile, big-money campaign to become the Democratic Presidential nominee on November 24. The 77-year-old former Republican has decided that he is the perfect candidate to prevent the president from achieving a second term. Bloomberg has a long

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For A Pay Hike, NYPD Unions May Drop Stop-And-Frisk

New York City’s police unions might be willing to eliminate a controversial policing tactic if the city’s mayor puts pay increases on the negotiating table.

Bill de Blasio, William J. Bratton

Despite pledging to thwart any and all attempts by newly minted New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to eliminate the controversial policing practice known as stop-and-frisk, New York City’s police unions appear to have had a change of heart, or as one local report put it, “the officers unions’ see poor compensation as more valuable than their right

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NYC Agrees To Stop-And-Frisk Monitor, Reforms

“This will be one city where everyone rises together, where everyone’s rights are protected.”

NEW YORK (AP) — The new mayor on Thursday delivered on his campaign promise to reform stop-and-frisk police tactics, agreeing to the appointment of a monitor and seeking to end a 14-year court fight that culminated in a judge's ruling that New York City had discriminated in carrying out the crime-reduction program. "We believe these steps will

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NYPD’s Kelly Leaves Behind Controversial Legacy

Kelly’s last 12 years have been controversial as he expanded use of the stop-and-frisk policy and created a local counter-terrorism unit.

On Jan. 1, arguably one of the most controversial and longest serving police commissioners the New York Police Department has ever had, Raymond Kelly, will officially be stepping down. “It was a great career choice for me,” Kelly said. “I’ve never regretted it.” With more than 34,000 officers patrolling the streets and 51,000 total employees,

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FDA Aims To Curb Consumption Of Trans Fats

A nationwide ban may be in the works after the FDA announced it doesn’t believe there’s any safe level of trans fats consumption.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration says trans fats are no longer considered safe for human consumption, prompting officials to craft a possible ban on the partially hydrogenated oils altogether. The announcement was issued by the FDA Thursday, sending shockwaves across the nation, as trans fats have long been a common component of the nation’s

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NYC Moves To A Mandatory Under-21 Smoking Ban

Mini-cigars and flavored tobacco are holding up youth tobacco use. Can New York’s 21-and-under smoking ban stop it?

During the course of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s 12-year-tenure in office, he oversaw a litany of social health reforms to the nation’s largest city — including the banning of trans fats in restaurants, regulation of tanning salons, the requirement that calories must be posted on menus and the failed attempt to ban store-bought soft

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