Democrats Rankled by the Audacity of Chelsea Manning’s Senate Campaign

Chelsea Manning is running because status quo Democratic politics is far from good enough in challenging the forces that have been bolstered by Trump.

Chelsea Manning addresses an audience, Sept. 17, 2017, during a forum, in Nantucket, Mass. The forum was part of The Nantucket Project's annual gathering on the island of Nantucket. Manning is a former U.S. Army intelligence analyst who spent time in prison for sharing classified documents. (AP/Steven Senne)

Chelsea Manning announced she will campaign for the Senate against Maryland Democratic Senator Ben Cardin in the upcoming primary. A segment of the Democratic establishment reacted feverishly. The former rapid response director for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, Zac Petkanas, declared, “Chelsea Manning could have leaked the info

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Baltimore’s Apartheid Schools: Students Forced To Sit in 40 Degree Classrooms

The problem is not that funding is especially hard to come by in Maryland in any general sense. In fact, Maryland has been ranked as the wealthiest state in the United States. The problem is that schools in the city of Baltimore are considered to be “apartheid schools.”

BALTIMORE – Usually people – especially children – look forward to snowy days. In addition to building snow creatures and throwing snowballs, it sometimes means no school. Usually. But not in Baltimore; in Baltimore, during one of the coldest winter storms on record, children were in school. They were shivering, wearing coats, hats and gloves, in

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Trump Faces New Lawsuit Over Foreign Payments

The case centers around allegations that Trump violated the constitution’s so-called emoluments clause.

President Donald Trump speaks in the East Room at the White House, June 5, 2017, in Washington. (AP/Andrew Harnik)

The attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia plan to file a lawsuit on Monday the WaPo reported late on Sunday, alleging that foreign payments to President Donald Trump's businesses violate the U.S. Constitution. The lawsuit is to be announced at noon on Monday. While Trump already faces a similar lawsuit that was filed in

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Maryland Legislators Keep Parental Rights For Rapists’ As Law

Maryland, supposedly the fifth most progressive state in the U.S. for women to live and work in, is only one of the seven states that have no laws protecting the rape victim over parental custody and visitation rights

Women petition and urge Congress to support common sense rape survivor rights. (Photo:

A nightmare scenario where a rape survivor will have to seek permission from her rapist in order to gain custody of her child will continue to be law in Maryland as an all-male group of legislators blocked passage of a bill protecting women and their children against rapists' parental rights Monday. Both houses had passed a bill proposed by Del.

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Maryland Becomes Second State To Ban Fracking

Activists welcomed the news banning fracking, which has been tied to cancers and a slew of negative health impacts, particularly for children.

a machine mixes sand and water, left, before it is pumped underground during a hydraulic fracturing operation

The U.S. state of Maryland has outlawed fracking Wednesday after the Republican governor signed a bill against the cheap oil exploration practice that had passed through the Democrat-controlled state congress, a victory for environmentalists who have been organizing against fracking for years. “Maryland’s fracking ban is the latest milestone in

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Muslim Ban 2.0 Dealt Second Blow In Maryland Court

“Turns out, an illegal Muslim ban by another name is still an illegal Muslim ban.”

sad trump

Human rights and immigration advocates cheered early Thursday as President Donald Trump's travel ban saw a second decisive legal defeat in a Maryland court. The Maryland federal judge's decision forbade the order's central provision—a ban on immigration from six Muslim-majority countries—from going into effect, echoing the decision from a

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