UPDATE: Charges Dropped Against Okla. Veteran Treating His PTSD With Marijuana

UPDATE: After Kristoffer Lewandowski was violently extradited from California to Oklahoma, felony charges were dropped amid intense pressure from social networks and independent media.

Kristoffer Lewandowski

UPDATE July 15, 2015: While he could still face charges in a military court, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Kristoffer Lewandowski no longer faces potential life imprisonment under multiple felony charges for possession of marijuana, which his wife insists he was growing to treat severe post-traumatic stress disorder. According to the Free Kris

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After Decades of Tension, U.S. Military Base In Okinawa To Relocate

After having endured several nasty episodes of criminality by U.S. servicemen on its citizens, many residents want the base gone entirely.

With diplomatic stakes high, the governor of Okinawa approved a measure on Friday that will allow the relocation of a controversial U.S. Marine base -- infamous locally for crimes committed by U.S. serviceman that include rape and gang rape -- to another part of the strategic island. Despite overwhelming sentiment from the island’s 1.4 million

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