Activists Successfully End Militarization Of LA School Police Department

The LA School Police will return to the feds weapons including a tank, a Mine Resistant Ambush Protected vehicle (MRAP), three grenade launchers and 61 M-16 rifles.

A Los Angeles police officer watches children arriving at the Main Street Elementary School. (AP Photo)

Dedicated activists in Los Angeles forced the end to federal militarization of law enforcement on a hyper-local level, demonstrating the power of a bottom-up approach when confronting federal power. After 18 months of pressure and activism, the Labor/Community Strategy Center reached an agreement with the Los Angeles Unified School District and

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New LA Law: Homeless People Can Only Own A Trashcan’s Worth Of Belongings

These misguided approaches to homelessness have only served to increase the amount of homeless people in the city and make their quality of life that much worse.

In this Monday, March 7, 2016, photograph, Salvatore Garofalo sits in a lawn chair in a makeshift homeless camp across from the Denver Rescue Mission in downtown Denver. City officials are planning to evict people on Tuesday from the homeless camps that have popped up around homeless shelters and in public places around the Mile High City. (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)

As though homeless people don’t already own so few possessions, the city of Los Angeles just passed a law saying that the amount of things a homeless person can own must fit inside of a trashcan. They even have size dimensions for the trashcan, noting that the items must fit in a 60-gallon trashcan and the lid must close over it. The new law

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Automated Police Tracking System Will Notify Your Wife If You Drive Past A Prostitute

Denounced by both the Electronic Frontier Foundation and the ACLU, the plan would allow automated license plate readers to generate letters informing households that the specific car was observed habituating certain areas known for prostitution.


(ANTIMEDIA) — The Los Angeles City Council is considering a controversial plan that would involve tracking license plates and automatically issuing letters to the homes of ‘Johns’ suspected of visiting sex workers. While privacy advocates are criticizing the plan as an unconstitutional breach of civil liberties, others say such measures are

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LAPD Gets One Of Its Biggest Critics Fired, For Jaywalking

The LAPD claims that Ted Rall, an outspoken critic of police brutality, lied about an incident in which he was ticketed for jaywalking, but there’s contradictory evidence.

Former Los Angeles Times Cartoonist, and outspoken LAPD critic, Ted Rall.

LOS ANGELES --- He’s been one of the most outspoken critics of the Los Angeles Police Department during his time as an editorial cartoonist and columnist at the Los Angeles Times, but now his career is in jeopardy due to controversial audio evidence provided by police. Since 2009, Ted Rall has been a columnist and editorial cartoonist for the

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Video Suppressed By LAPD Finally Released, Shows Police Killing Unarmed Man In LA suburb

Against a backdrop of intense public scrutiny of police shootings nationwide, a lawyer for several news organizations argued the videos should be unsealed under a First Amendment right to access court documents.

In this June 2, 2013, frame from Gardena Police Department dash-cam video, officers aim their guns at Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino, right, and two friends while investigating a bicycle theft in Gardena, Calif. Moments later police fatally shot Diaz-Zeferino. Hours after a federal judge ordered the release of videos sought by The Associated Press and other news organizations Tuesday, July 14, 2015, a federal appeals court has issued a stay blocking release of the video. (Gardena Police Department)

Footage ordered released by a judge shows the last moments of Ricardo Diaz Zeferino. LOS ANGELES — The police dashboard cameras that captured officers shooting Ricardo Diaz-Zeferino only depict part of the tragedy of his death in a Los Angeles suburb two years ago. Video released by a federal judge Tuesday after news media organizations

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LAPD Officer Sets Girlfriend On Fire, Keeps Job

According to the DA’s office, the attack occurred on June 28 when Flores began hitting the woman over a disagreement regarding their child’s pacifier.

Los Angeles, Ca — Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy faces multiple charges after attacking his live-in girlfriend and mother of his child, torturing her as he held her head over a stove, lighting her hair on fire. The Orange County district attorney’s office reports that Deputy Alejandro Flores will appear in court Tuesday to face a litany of

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