Leopoldo López Emerges from House Arrest to Bless Failed Coup and Invite US Gov’t into Guaidó Regime

As his statement yesterday and his past have revealed, Leopoldo López’s machinations will be in service to the U.S. government, his greatest political patron, as opposed to the people of his country.

Leopoldo Lopez

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- Amid the early morning chaos of yesterday’s failed US backed coup attempt in Venezuela, Leopoldo López -- the political mentor and top adviser to self-declared “Interim President” Juan Guaidó -- made a startling claim to a group of international journalists gathered outside the La Carlota airbase in the Venezuelan capital of

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Venezuelan Coup Attempt Sputters as Majority of Military Remain Loyal to Maduro

The Venezuelan opposition will not be able to achieve success on its own. Instead leaders of the opposition will try to pull larger world powers like the U.S. and NATO into the conflict so that they can topple the Maduro regime.

Venezuelan Coup Attempt

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- (Analysis) In an act described by the Venezuelan government as a small coup attempt, self-declared “President” of Venezuela Juan Guaidó appeared in a video alongside uniformed men who he claimed were a number of military defectors, declaring this as the “final phase” of Nicolás Maduro’s presidency.

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A Military Uprising is Unfolding in Venezuela

A handful of police and armed forces freed Leopoldo Lopez and blocked a highway in Caracas.

venezuela coup

A military coup attempt is underway in Venezuela on Tuesday, April 30, with imprisoned right wing leader Leopoldo Lopez, and self-proclaimed “Interim President” Juan Guaido and some members of the armed forces blocking a highway in Caracas and calling on the military to rise up. According to reports, a group from Venezuela's Sebin intelligence

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The New York Times’ Uncanny Comparison of a Venezuelan Opposition Leader to Martin Luther King

Journalistic standards simply don’t apply when it comes to the NYT’s coverage of Venezuela’s radical right-wing opposition, argues University of Oriente Professor Steve Ellner.

Leopoldo Lopez

The corporate media reached an all-time low last week in its one-sided reporting on Venezuela.  Wil H. Hylton in a lengthy article in New York Times' magazine section compared jailed opposition leader Leopoldo López with Martin Luther King. Throughout the article, Hylton weaves together the topic of King's employment of civil disobedience in the

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What The Media Isn’t Telling You About The Jailing Of Opposition Leaders In Venezuela

Western media have described Leopoldo López, a politician who has a dark history of inciting violent protests, as the “Venezuelan Nelson Mandela.” But they have ignored the facts surrounding his recent arrest, as well as that of fellow opposition leader Antonio Ledezma.

Venezuelan Opposition Leaders Jailed For Urging Protests In Violation Of House Arrest

Just days after Venezuela’s controversial vote to form a constituent assembly via free and open elections, the Western media – having summarily condemned the vote as “autocratic” and a step towards dictatorship – has once again been whipped into a frenzy following the late night arrests of two prominent figures from the Venezuelan opposition.

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The Violent Past Of Leopoldo Lopez, Poster Boy For The Venezuelan Opposition

This week saw Leopoldo Lopez, a so-called “revolutionary” and major figure in Venezuela’s right-wing opposition, released from prison to house arrest due to “health concerns.” Though celebrated by foreign media, Lopez has a history of inciting fatally violent protests.

Leopoldo Lopez

Since becoming the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley has been busy picking up where Samantha Power left off. In recent months, Haley has taken to Twitter to voice Trump administration positions regarding a variety of foreign governments, particularly those of states considered “unfriendly” to U.S. interests, such as Iran, Syria and

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