In this photo taken April 27, 2009, former Yakama tribal council member Wendell Hannigan stands near the tribe's Winter Lodge and talks about Latino immigrants who work on his reservation in Toppenish, Wash., on the Yakama Indian Reservation. Hannigan's conviction that the large influx of illegal Latino immigrants into this reservation, about 160 miles southeast of Seattle, poses a threat to his people. His beliefs have prompted Hannigan to spearhead efforts for better supervision of undocumented workers, mostly from Mexico, on the reservation, and sponsor a state ballot initiative to impose stricter immigration rules. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Tribal Leaders Decision To Ban Marijuana Could Affect Wash., Colo. Residents

Determining which laws apply to reservations isn’t easy, as some tribes have to follow tribal laws and federal law, others are required to follow state law.