On Prime Day Workers and Consumers Both Let Amazon Know It’s Far From Prime

Despite Amazon’s history of union-busting activities and employee mistreatment in the United States, the company has struggled to cope with the activities of Europe’s organized workers’ movements.

SEATTLE – Amazon’s flagship annual sales event, Prime Day, encountered a tangle of difficulties starting Monday as aggrieved workers, boycotts, and a range of technical glitches brought new attention to the online retailer’s troubled internal regime. For four years now, Prime Day has grown as the company’s top promotional event, bringing

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The Upside of Janus: Court’s Ruling on Dues Check-Offs Could Help Democratize Unions

The Supreme Court’s much-pilloried Janus decision could actually prove to be a good thing in the long-run by democratizing labor unions and revitalizing a moribund movement that was the engine of America’s postwar prosperity.

Henry Nicholas, president of the National Union of Hospital and Health Care Employees, attends a protest by Philadelphia Council AFL-CIO on Wednesday, June 27, 2018, in Philadelphia. The protesters denounced Wednesday's U.S. Supreme Court ruling that government workers can't be forced to contribute to labor unions that represent them in collective bargaining, dealing a serious financial blow to organized labor. Jacqueline Larma | AP

CHICAGO -- “Shorty!” Ricky Maclin bellowed at the secretary in a stairwell at Republic Windows and Doors, trying to get her attention. She was one of the few black temps in the secretarial pool; he was vice-president of the union local, the lone black on its executive board. The two of them got along like the proverbial house afire, and on more

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Mainlining the Capitalist Sugar-High: The Age of Corporate Buybacks

Trump’s tax cuts have triggered a wave of corporate stock buybacks that may steady stock markets but have done little to raise wages or create jobs.

President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence meet with Harley Davidson executives and Union Representatives on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, Feb. 2, 2017. AP | Pablo Martinez Monsivais

WASHINGTON -- Weeks after he was sworn in as president, Donald Trump met with Harley-Davidson executives and union representatives at the White House, to win support for his tax-plan proposal: I think you’re going to even expand — I know your business is now doing very well, and there’s a lot of spirit right now in the country that you weren’t

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Documents Expose New Efforts to Undermine Public Worker Unions

The Koch Brothers and other right-wing groups have budgeted approximately $80 million for 66 so-called think tanks nationwide, specifically for their campaign to get public union members to quit.

Chairman of the board of Americans for Prosperity David Koch speaks at the Defending the American Dream summit hosted by Americans for Prosperity at the Greater Columbus Convention Center in Columbus, Ohio, Friday, Aug. 21, 2015. (AP/Paul Vernon)

Several months ago, Maxford Nelson, executive director of a right-wing think tank, the Freedom Foundation, showed up at a Washington state legislative committee hearing to oppose a bill to make dues checkoff easier for the state’s public workers. The lawmakers jumped on him, questioning what he was even doing there, since the foundation is

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From Brazil to Ecuador to US, Mexico’s Labor Unions Learn Lessons of Trusting “Progressive” Presidents

Mexican teachers, organized through the National Coordinator of Education Workers, are preparing to fight for the interests of the working class, regardless of who wins the upcoming presidential election.

Delegates from across the country gathered in Mexico City to participate in the IV Extraordinary Congress of the Coordinadora Nacional de Trabajadores de la Educación (CNTE) where education workers discussed the organization's strategy in light of looming presidential elections and the challenge of overturning neoliberal structural reforms in Mexico, March 15, 2018. (Photo: José Luis Granados Ceja)

MEXICO CITY, --  With a presidential election approaching, the crowds assembling here Tuesday for International Workers’ Day -- or May Day, as it’s know the world over -- were more animated than usual, the floats and rallies resembling performance art. Thousands poured into Mexico City’s main square, the Zocalo, to hang in effigy the wage-killing

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Labor Leaders Stump For Trump As White House Prepares Attack On Workers

Organized labor has been under attack in the US for at least forty years, and the ascendance of Donald Trump to the presidency signals a new and dangerous period not just for trade unions, but for the entire working class.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives at the residence of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, Wednesday, May 18, 2016, in New York. (AP/Mary Altaffer)

  NEW YORK --- (Analysis) The sight of leaders of a number of major trade unions praising President Donald Trump after their meeting with him on Jan. 23 is perhaps the perfect illustration of everything wrong with the labor movement. More importantly, it demonstrates just how hollow President Trump’s rhetoric about defending workers and

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