Bennett’s Fragile Hookup with the Zionist Left Offers Little Promise for a Post-Apartheid Israel

On the racist reality of Israeli politics, the absurdity of calling any Zionist party “Left,” and why the so-called Zionist Left could join a coalition government headed by Naftali Bennett: their differences are inconsequential.

Israel coaltion Feature photo

BIR AL-SABA, PALESTINE -- Jumaa Alzbarqa served as a member of the Israeli Knesset for two years. He heads the office of the National Democratic Alliance, or Balad, in the southern city of Bir Al-Saba in the Naqab. We met at his office and talked about current events and what was until recently the remote possibility of the so-called “Zionist Left”

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Matan Kahana: Will Ultra-Right Candidates Upset Netayahu’s Re-Election Plans?

It is hard to imagine what it means to be to the “right of the Likud” or the “right of Netanyahu.” However, Matan Kahana claims that he and his party are just that and so a vote for them will ensure a strong right-wing voice in the Israeli Knesset, as though that is what is missing from Israeli politics.

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OCCUPIED LYDD, PALESTINE -- Matan Kahana -- a retired IDF colonel, fighter pilot, and former soldier in Israel’s notorious murder squad, Sayeret Matkal -- is now running for a seat in the Knesset with Naftali Bennett’s New Right Party. He is a “religious Zionist,” which is a designation used by fanatic religious-Zionist settlers who roam around the

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Netanyahu is Gambling on New Elections to Stay in Power

Could this be the end the political career of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu?

Benjamin Netanyahu Feature photo

JERUSALEM -- For the first time in the history of the state of Israel, the head of the party that won the largest number of seats has failed to form a coalition government. Rather than allowing the head of the party that came in second to attempt to form a government, the Knesset voted to hold re-elections only six weeks after Israelis first cast

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Post-Election Horse-Trading Kicks Off as Netanyahu Builds Israel’s “National No Opposition” Government

The reasoning for creating a “National Unity” government is always the same: the nation is facing challenging times that demand we cast our differences aside and work together for the good of the people. Then all the prime minister has to do is create cabinet positions for everyone involved.

Israel Elections

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- The president of the state of Israel is arguably the most insignificant and unimpressive position on earth. The post was created as a pasture into which to send aging politicians who have become irrelevant but are still in need of a position. The role is void of any consequence -- so much so, in fact, that one is reminded of the

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Israeli Gov’t Argues It Can Annex Any Land, Defy Any International Law It Chooses

With its government openly admitting Israel’s rogue-state status and its intention to act without regard to international norms or basic human decency, Israel has indicated that it is hell-bent on ethnically cleansing Palestine and eliminating the “demographic threat” once and for all.

israel breaking international law

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- During an ongoing court case regarding the legality of Israel’s controversial Settlement Regularization Law, the Israeli government has argued that the Israeli Knesset can “legislate anywhere in the world” and is “allowed to ignore the directive of international law in any field it desires.” The statements, delivered to Israel’s

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Israeli Nation State Law Hallmark of an Unfree People Living in Fear

From its very inception, the State of Israel passed laws that limit the rights of Palestinians in all areas of life — from citizenship rights to the right to political participation, land and housing rights, education rights, cultural and language rights, religious rights, and due-process rights.

An Israeli soldier aims his rifle at an unarmed Palestinian during a protest against Israel's apartheid wall in the Palestanian village of Bilin near Ramallah. Majdi Mohammed | AP

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL (Analysis) -- Who needs a Nation State Law? What does the insistence and the passing of a law that states Israel’s exclusive rights to the land and the state mean? Since many laws and the reality on the ground make it seemingly obvious that Israel is already a state for Jews, one would think this law is redundant at least, if not

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