Muslim Teacher Who Died Protecting Christians Honored For Bravery

A powerful symbol of unity and an inspiration to many, Salah Farah died defending people he didn’t know: “We asked them to kill all of us or leave us alone.”

United Kingdom — A Muslim teacher who died shielding Christians during a bus attack in Kenya has been posthumously awarded for his bravery. Deputy head teacher Salah Farah was shot during the ambush by Al-Qaeda-linked militant group, Al-Shabaab, in December 2015. Farah was shot after he refused to be separated from Christian passengers on a bus

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Carbon Colonialism: How The Fight Against Climate Change Is Displacing Africans

Carbon trading—one of the biggest weapons touted by governments and business in the global fight against climate change—could end up killing the planet. In Africa, human rights campaigners say, it is already killing people.


Since the launch of a World Bank sponsored conservation programme in west Kenya eights years ago, the Bank-funded Kenya Forest Service (FKS) has conducted a relentless scorched earth campaign to evict the 15,000 strong indigenous Sengwer community from their ancestral homes in the Embobut forest and the Cherangany Hills. The pretext? The Sengwer

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Occupy Kenya: Protesters March In Nairobi For An End To Violence

A march and sit-in dubbed Tumechoka, meaning ‘We are tired’ in Swahili, protests government inaction in the face of rising insecurity and terrorism in Kenya.


NAIROBI, Kenya — Apathy and thuggery greeted an attempt to kickstart an Occupy movement in Kenya to protest against government inaction in the face of rising insecurity and terrorism. The march and sit-in dubbed #Tumechoka, meaning “We are tired” in Swahili, was called on Tuesday after the execution of 28 people on a bus in Mandera in the far

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In Kenya, Protests And Tear Gas Cloud A Nation’s Future

A former paragon of African stability, Kenya is now a country on the brink. But a recent peaceful rally may be a sign that collapse isn’t inevitable.

Kenya Protests

NAIROBI, Kenya --- Tear gas flew and shots were fired Monday in Nairobi, Kenya, as the political opposition held a rally denouncing the leadership of President Uhuru Kenyatta. Meanwhile, differing explanations among the nation’s political leaders about who was behind the attacks that left dozens dead in a coastal town are contributing to the

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Kenya Redefines Marriage In A Blow To Women’s Rights

A push by Kenya’s president and male-dominated parliament to overhaul marriage bodes ill for the nation’s wives, socially and economically.

NAIROBI, Kenya – President Uhuru Kenyatta signed a new marriage law this week that drastically restricts the rights of women in wedlock. Human rights advocates here and abroad are condemning the law, which grants men the right to marry a second, third or even fourth wife without the previous wives’ permission. Currently, certain traditions allow

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The US’s Invasion Of Africa That Nobody Knows About

The Obama administration has been slowly – and very quietly – peppering the U.S. military throughout the continent and putting hundreds of millions of dollars into the pockets of government contractors to build the necessary infrastructure for a permanent U.S. military presence.

Enduring Freedom

The U.S. is assembling the rudiments of imperial infrastructure throughout Africa, and hardly anybody knows about it. Hardly anybody knows about it because the government and military refuse to divulge much of U.S. foreign policy towards Africa. You see, U.S. foreign policy is really none of our business. The Obama administration has been slowly

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