Report: “Woke” Corporations Supporting Black Lives Matter Quietly Funding Police

Corporations like JPMorgan Chase, Chevron and Marathon claim to support the movement for black lives, but their donations to police help “tyrannize the very communities” they claim to stand with.

Black Lives Matter Feature photo

In the wake of worldwide public outrage over racist police violence, many of the United States’ largest corporations rushed to publicly align themselves with the growing movement for black lives. Yet a new report from the Public Accountability Initiative exposes how corporate America is actually bankrolling police departments across the country,

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DoJ Finalizes $13 Billion Settlement With JPMorgan

Record fine against company still leaves some wondering when individuals will be held accountable.

  The Justice Department finalized a record $13-billion settlement with JPMorgan Chase on Tuesday for misrepresenting the quality of mortgages in mortgage-backed securities in the lead-up to the financial crisis. While the fine marks the largest the DoJ has brought against a single corporation, critics charge that the amount is not

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