Snowflakes Hither, Yonder and In the Tropics: Ungentrifying Journalism from Brazil to Ecuador

The mammoth machine of mainstream and western media at-large tells us who is articulate enough, indeed worldly, mindful, and honest enough to saddle the demands required of international journalism.

In October 2019, Ecuador’s president Lenin Moreno announced a new round of austerity measures. As the cost of gasoline, diesel, transport and food skyrocketed in the wake of his announcement, the national strike quickly transformed into mass protests. I was in the heart of Ecuador’s capital, Quito, as riot police, tanks, untold amounts of tear gas,

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“It Will Take Me Just Under Twenty Five Years to Pay off the First Surgery” – Journalist Blinded by Cops Speaks Out

“The only reason I’m dealing with this so well is I think poverty and low wage work is just as brutal and visceral as losing an eye to a police bullet.” – Linda Tirado

Minneapolis Police Feature photo

Journalist and photographer Linda Tirado was standing near a police line in Minneapolis May 29, covering the George Floyd protests engulfing the city. All of a sudden, her face “exploded” in her own words. She had been shot from close range in the eye, permanently blinding her. Her goggles shattered and tear gas entered the wound, causing even more

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Inside Journalist Tareq Haddad’s Spectacular Departure from Newsweek

Tareq Haddad’s exposé of the corruption and collusion at the heart of modern journalism is something long-discussed by academics, but rarely does such a clear example present itself.

Tareq Haddad Feature photo

It’s Manufacturing Consent meets Operation Mockingbird; in a long exposé essay that doubles as a goodbye to the profession, Newsweek journalist Tareq Haddad explained why he was very publicly quitting his job at the New York-based magazine. “Journalism is quickly dying. America is regressing because it lacks the truth,” he wrote.  The trigger

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Breaking The Media Blackout on the Imprisonment of Julian Assange

The same media that has spent years dragging Assange’s name through the mud is now engaging in a blackout on his treatment. If you are waiting for corporate media pundits to defend freedom of the press, you’re going to be disappointed.

Julian Assange feature photo

  The role of journalism in a democracy is publishing information that holds the powerful to account -- the kind of information that empowers the public to become more engaged citizens in their communities so that we can vote in representatives that work in the interest of “we the people.”  There is perhaps no better example of watchdog

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MintCast Interviews Doug Valentine, Author of The Phoenix Program and The CIA as Organized Crime

Douglas Valentine joins the MintCast to discuss his extensive work investigating CIA covert operations and current CIA efforts to undermine independent media.

MintCast Banner

MintCast co-host Whitney Webb interviews author, investigative journalist and poet Douglas Valentine about his extensive work on exposing the dark underbelly of the CIA and some of the agency’s most notorious covert programs.  Webb and Valentine begin the interview discussing how Valentine’s journalistic work on the CIA led him to be spied on

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Amnesty International Hangs Julian Assange Out to Dry — or Possibly Just Hang

Assange’s predicament and its broad implications for journalism and speech are evidently of little concern to Amnesty International, which wrote a letter to the Julian Assange Defence Committee (JADC) telling them that Amnesty is not actively working towards Assange’s defense.

Wikileaks | Julian Assange Arrested

NEW YORK -- Journalist and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has been hit with 17 Espionage Act charges by the United States. If convicted, Assange could be sentenced to up to 170 years in prison or even face the death penalty. A conviction would also set a dangerous precedent for journalists in the U.S. who publish classified material. National

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