Bolivia: New Gov’t Sets to Work Undoing Damage Left by US-Backed Añez Regime

The Movement to Socialism party is already enacting widespread changes to Bolivia in an attempt to undo the damage of one year of US-backed austerity and military rule.

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Only weeks after their landslide victory, the leftist Movement to Socialism (MAS) party is already enacting widespread changes to Bolivia in an attempt to undo the damage of one year of military rule. Last November, a U.S.-backed coup removed democratically-elected president Evo Morales from power, placing the far-right authoritarian politician

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Bolivia’s Hardline Christian Govt Charged with Massacring Protesters as Morales Returns from Exile

In her last days in office, US-backed strongwoman Jeanine Añez is attempting to push through judicial reforms that could help her in the coming months should she face trial for her crimes.

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Almost exactly one year after he was overthrown in a U.S.-backed military coup, former Bolivian president Evo Morales is set to return to his homeland. Earlier this week, a Bolivian court threw out terrorism charges leveled by Jeanine Añez’s coup government against Morales. Today Senator-Elect Andronico Rodriguez, a senior official from the

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Bolivia Headed for a Showdown as Mass Protests Erupt Against US-backed Anez Administration

Clashes between protesters and government-backed paramilitaries are growing increasingly violent as tensions in Bolivia reach a boiling point following the US-backed Anez administration’s decision to cancel elections for the third time this year.

Bolivia Protests Feature photo

Bolivia is heading for a showdown between the government and the people after nearly two weeks of continuous, nationwide protests have paralyzed the country. Demonstrations have grown day on day after the government — who came to power in a U.S.-baked coup last November — postponed the elections for the third time. Ollie Vargas, a journalist who

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US-Backed Coup Gov’t in Bolivia Suspends Elections for Third Time

In response to the delayed elections, Bolivian trade unions have given the government 72 hours to reverse the decision, threatening “indefinite mobilizations” to restore democracy.

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Amid a rapidly worsening COVID-19 pandemic, Bolivia’s coup government has once again suspended much-anticipated elections that were due to be held on September 6. This is the third time the administration of Jeanine Añez has postponed them because of the virus, setting a new date for October 18. The move has drawn condemnation from both left and

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Flights Logs Suggest Bolivia Coup May Have Been Planned in Brazil

Flight logs of the Bolivian presidential jet show that on November 11, the day of the coup, the aircraft was not in La Paz or any other Bolivian airport, but flying to Brazil’s capital Brasilia.

Bolivia Coup Feature photo

Bolivian President Evo Morales was overthrown in a U.S.-backed coup in November. But new details have emerged that suggest Brazil had a larger hand in his ouster than previously confirmed. Argentinian outlet Pagina 12 reports that flight logs of the presidential jet show that on November 11, the day of the coup, the vehicle was not in La Paz, nor

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Meet the Candidates Taking on Bolivia’s US-Backed Right Wing Government

Bolivian journalist Oliver Vargas takes an in-depth look at the candidates taking on the interim right-wing government of Jeanine Anez in Bolivia’s upcoming elections and the many challenges they face.

Bolivia Elections Feature photo

Bolivia’s presidential elections are scheduled to take place on May 3, 2020. The elections will be organized by the ‘transitional’ government of Jeanine Anez who seized power in a U.S.-backed military coup on November 10, 2019. The coup forced out the democratically elected leftist-indigenous government of Evo Morales, who presided over an economic

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