Israeli riot police officers scuffle with Arab men in Arab village of Ara, northern Israel, Monday, Sept. 19, 2016. About 50 right wing activists protested in Ara outside the home of Nashhat Milhem, who killed three people in a shooting rampage in Tel Aviv in January 2016 before police killed him in a shootout. The demonstrators demanded Israel deport Milhem's family and shouted "There is no Palestine." They arrived under heavy police escort to the village, where locals held a counterdemonstration.

Systemic Racism, Inequality Fuel Spread of Violent Crime Among Palestinian Citizens of Israel

Palestinian citizens have made every effort to integrate as full citizens into a state that, for lack of a better word, forced itself upon them. But hard as they may try, the legal, systemic, and day-to-day reality in which they live gives this community no space to breathe, much less to thrive.