Pompeo Announces Funding for Welfare, Healthcare and Indigenous Support. In Venezuela

The sweeping $348 million aid package, which includes funding for healthcare, direct cash assistance, and even psychosocial support, runs in stark contradiction to a long-held US policy of sanctions on Venezuela.

US Pompeo Venezuela Feature photo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has returned from his official visits to Suriname, Guyana, Colombia and Brazil, where he discussed the possibilities of regime change in Venezuela, a nation which has drawn Washington’s ire for over 20 years. On Saturday the 56-year-old former CIA Director announced a $348 million package he said was a “response to

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Profit Move Underlies Trump Push to Place Foreign Aid Spending Under White House Control

The Trump administration is angling to move billions of dollars earmarked for humanitarian aid directly into the State Department, partially bypassing USAID and giving the White House near-total discretionary control over how and to who those funds are allocated around the world.

Trump WHO Feature photo

The United States has long used foreign aid packages as the carrot in its approach to diplomacy and as a way to grease the wheels in the governments of other countries which might have something that beckons U.S. interests. For decades. though, the task of disbursing said assistance has fallen to USAID, the U.S. Agency for International

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Massive Embezzlement Scandal Threatens Juan Guaido’s Political Future

The big event that was supposed to be Guaido’s watershed moment has instead turned out to be a public-relations failure far worse than his quickly quelled attempted military coup.

Juan Guaido Embezzlement Feature photo

The political party of Juan Guaido -- Voluntad Popular (Popular Will) -- was never all that popular to begin with. The sixth largest political party in Venezuela, Popular Will is heavily financed by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Now, a recently exposed embezzlement scandal in Colombia risks to further alienate the

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Watch | US Foists “Humanitarian Aid” on Venezuela, Helps Create a Humanitarian Crisis in Yemen

Kei Pritsker breaks down the nature of US humanitarian aid and how it’s weaponized to advance foreign policy objectives.

  (Transcript) --This video was produced as part of a MintPress News and Grayzone collaboration -- There’s been nonstop talk about the humanitarian situation in Venezuela. In case you haven’t heard, U.S. politicians are really concerned for the Venezuelan people’s well-being -- screaming their all-too-familiar code words that justify

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NY Times Acknowledges Venezuela Opposition as Cause of Aid Fire, Echoing Initial Reports by Alternative Press

While independent outlets have made headway in challenging government narratives, such outlets are often maligned by influential mainstream outlets for reports that question the official story — at least until the MSM decides to get on board and question that story themselves.

Venezuela | Humanitarian Crisis

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- The international outrage generated by images of U.S.-donated “humanitarian” aid on fire at a Colombian-Venezuelan border crossing last month inspired a frenzied call for Venezuelan regime change from top U.S. politicians and media outlets once the blaze was promptly blamed on the Venezuelan government led by President Nicolás

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Max Blumenthal Searches for Communist Dictatorship at Venezuelan Luxury Mall

Max Blumenthal visits a luxury mall in Venezuela to see just how about the country’s humanitarian crisis really is.

Max Blumenthal | Venezuela

This video was produced as part of a MintPress News and Grayzone collaboration. Max Blumenthal investigated Venezuela’s “humanitarian crisis” in a luxury mall in a rich pro-opposition neighborhood in Caracas, where he looked for the “authoritarian socialism” that Trump and the corporate media talk so much about. Max Blumenthal is an

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