As Ramadan Ends, Israeli Provocations Seem Aimed at a Religious War

“Israel uses this month [of Ramadan] to humiliate Palestinians, as much as they can. Especially at the doors of al-Aqsa Mosque, knowing how much this situation is sensitive for Palestinians.” – Younes Arar, PLO Colonization and Wall Resistance Commission

Yayha Adwan

OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM, PALESTINE — On the last Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, at least 42 Palestinians were injured when Israeli police raided al-Aqsa Mosque Compound in occupied East Jerusalem, the Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said. With nearly 300 Palestininians injured in the last two weeks at al-Aqsa compound, this

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Raids, Arrests and Death Threats: Israel’s Strategy of Silencing Human Rights Defenders

Now that Israel seems to have accepted that there is little it can do to reverse this brand, it is accelerating its colonial efforts, while hunkering down for a long fight ahead.

On October 21, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz announced the issuance of a military order designating six prominent Palestinian human rights groups as ‘terrorist organizations’. Gantz claimed that they are secretly linked to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a socialist political group that Israel considers, along with

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Israel’s Designation of Palestinian Human Rights Groups as Terrorist Orgs Baffles Europe

Once it became clear to the Israeli government that their European friends were not buying the claim that these human rights organizations are connected to terrorism, and would refuse to stop funding them, Israel pulled out the “big gun” and designated them as “terrorist organizations.” 

Palestanian human rights groups Feature photo

JERUSALEM -- The recent designation by the Israeli government of six Palestinian human rights organizations as “terrorist” organizations is yet another draconian step on the path to the total elimination of Palestinian civil society. Some parallels can be drawn between the Israeli action taken against these organizations and the 2001 U.S.

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Burned in Car Fire, Falsely Accused of Terrorism, Palestinian Mother Imprisoned without Medical Care

“This is all part of the deliberate medical neglect policy that the Israeli occupation uses. They don’t feel like they have an obligation toward Palestinian detainees and prisoners regarding their health care.” — Milena Ansari, Addameer

Israa Jaabis Feature photo

OCCUPIED EAST JERUSALEM — In 2018, Palestinian prisoner Israa Jaabis appeared in court to appeal her sentence. Israa had been convicted of attempted murder -- accused of blowing up her car near an Israeli military checkpoint -- and sentenced to 11 years in 2016. The car accident left her completely disfigured, with first-, second- and third-degree

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“People Come Out Completely Crazy”: A Palestinian Survivor Talks Israeli Torture

One has to wonder how the Israelis who frequent the restaurants and bars around the Moskubiya would feel if they could see the sights and hear the screams of those being held there.

Israel torture Feature photo

BIL’IN, PALESTINE -- When Abdul-Khaliq Burnat was a little boy, I would see him stand on the roof of his house and look over at the soldiers assembling on the hill across the road. His father Iyad Burnat and I would stand there too, watching the army prepare for the assault on the village. Abdul-Khaliq wanted to join the weekly protests that were

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Palestinian Protesters Recount Harrowing Details of Torture at the Hands of Israeli Police

Officers wounded the detainees, terrorized them, and whomever dared to lift his head upwards risked more beatings by officers. According to affidavits, the floor of the room was covered in blood from the beatings.

Israeli police torture Feature photo

NAZARETH, ISRAEL — In May, the world watched Israel’s brutal occupation on full display: The forcible displacement of Sheikh Jarrah residents was underway; Israeli security forces attacked Muslim worshippers at Al-Aqsa Mosque during Ramadan; Israeli rocket fire rained down on Gaza; and Jewish extremists chanted “Death to Arabs!” in the

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