Prohibiting Maintenance of Tanker Off Yemeni Coast, Saudis Risk Explosion and Environmental Disaster

“We are talking about a huge floating tanker that entered service in Yemen 30 years ago, which contains more than one million tons of oil. If an explosion takes place, many countries, including Saudi Arabia, will be hit with an environmental disaster.”

FSO SAFER Yemen Feature photo

HODEIDA, YEMEN -- Officials in Yemen’s western port city of Hodeida have expressed concern to MintPress that the deserted Safer FSO vessel, filled with an estimated 1.1 million barrels of crude oil, is vulnerable to an explosion or a leak due to increasing temperature, high humidity, and maintenance failures. They say that ship’s boilers and

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Downing of US MQ-9 Drone Over Hodeida Shows Direct US Involvement in Yemeni War

Yemen’s Houthi-allied military has made significant strides in its air-defense sector and has become a real threat to Saudi-led Coalition and U.S. operations over Yemen.

Houthis MQ-9 Reaper Hodeida Yemen Feature Photo

HODEIDA, YEMEN -- News that a U.S. government drone was shot down over Yemen’s port city of Hodeida has provoked anger among local residents, who say it is clear evidence of direct U.S. involvement in a war which has resulted in the world's worst humanitarian crisis, according to the UN, and has left almost 25 million people in need of aid. On

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Houthi Withdrawal from Hodeida Port Brings No Peace as Saudis Press Attack

Artillery shells and a steady stream of heavy machine-gun fire tore through the village of Al-Shijan on Monday, as Saudi-led forces renewed hostilities in the area following a Houthi withdrawal from Hodeida.

SA’DAH, YEMEN -- The familiar sound of heavy artillery once again returned to Yemen’s Hodeida province following a period of relative calm in the strategic coastal region. At least 66 artillery shells and a steady stream of heavy machine-gun fire tore through the village of Al-Shijan on Monday, as Saudi-led forces renewed hostilities in the area

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Saudi Arabia Detains 174 Yemeni Fishermen and Their Boats in Violation of Ceasefire Provisions

“Despite Sweden’s truce, Coalition forces have continued to prevent Yemeni fishermen from fishing and if the fishermen dare to sail, they will be killed or detained.” — Mohammed al-Hassani, head of the Forum of Tahamah Fishermen

Yemen Fisherman

HODEIDA, YEMEN-- The Saudi-led Coalition kidnapped more than 170 Yemeni fishermen and seized their boats while they were fishing near the port city of Hodeida this past week. To demonstrate clearly that they posed no threat, the fishermen hung large white flags on the back of their boats and waved fish in the air as Coalition military vessels

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Life in Yemen’s Hodeida Now Worse than Before “Ceasefire,” as Saudis Still Intent on City’s Capture

Saudi and UAE fighters have built new fortifications around Hodeida and are conducting fresh military drills amid a steady flow of Coalition military reinforcements rolling into the city, all indications that the Coalition still intends to capture Hodeida.

Yemen | Hodeida

HODEIDA, YEMEN -- Yemen’s armed forces, loyal to the Houthis, said that Saudi Arabia and the United Arabian Emirates will be targeted in retaliation for any major attack on the port city of Hodeida, warning that Yemen’s army has advanced aircraft as well as the coordinates of legitimate targets in Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. This week, Yemeni army

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Hodeida Residents Brace for the Worst as UN Truce Falters Amid Saudi Military Buildup

Local residents and analysts alike fear the Saudi-led Coalition is using the relative calm derived from the new agreement as cover to fulfill its military objectives and not as a stepping stone towards peace.

Saudi Forces | Hodeida | Yemen

HODEIDA, YEMEN -- Hundreds of residents from across Yemen’s Red Sea port city of Hodeida took to the streets for the third straight day, calling on the United Nations to take action to implement a troop withdrawal deal between the Houthis and the Saudi-led Coalition that was reached on February 19th. Residents waved Yemeni flags, Kalashnikovs, and

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