Noam Chomsky: US Had A ‘Pretty Supportive Attitude’ Toward Fascism In 1930s

‘The State Department described Hitler as a moderate who was holding off the forces, the dangerous forces of the left … and of the right, namely the extremist Nazis,’ explained the noted scholar.

Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator, speaks at the dedication ceremonies of Sabandia, central Italy, on Sept. 24, 1934.

MUNICH --- While the typical narrative of American history positions the United States as a supporter of democracy and opponent of fascism which helped to defeat the Nazis, key figures in Washington also supported dangerous dictators in Italy and Germany in their early days of power. Noam Chomsky, the renowned political philosopher, historian

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German Anti-Islam Leader Resigns After ‘Hitler Selfie’ Surfaces Online

The PEGIDA leader was behind last week’s anti-Islamization of the West protest in Germany.


A screengrab posted online of PEGIDA leader Lutz Bachmann's selfie, which he shared on Facebook. BERLIN  — The leader of a German organization against the perceived "Islamization" of Europe stepped down Wednesday after online posts surfaced in which he used derogatory language to refer to refugees and posed looking like Adolf Hitler. Lutz

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