“We are so F****d”: Joe Biden Town Hall Sparks Fears of a Clinton Rerun

Some are describing the prospect of Biden-Clinton ticket as a “kiss of death” for the Biden campaign.

Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden Feature photo

Presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden held a public online discussion with 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton yesterday, where she officially endorsed him for president. The 55-minute long event was branded a “women’s town hall,” as the two veteran Washington insiders discussed how the COVID-19 pandemic has hit women in

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Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva: Obama, Hillary Ordered Me Not to Negotiate with Iran

“I remember that Hilary Clinton worked hard against my idea to go to Iran. She even called the Emir of Qatar and asked him to convince me not to go. When I arrived in Moscow and met with [Dmitry] Medvedev, I found out Obama had called and asked him to help convince me not to go.”

Clinton Lula Feature photo

He was the world’s most popular leader. Now he is “the world’s most prominent political prisoner” according to American political philosopher Noam Chomsky. From extremely humble beginnings as a peanut seller and a shoeshine boy on Brazil’s streets, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva rose to become president of his nation in 2002. Yet he is now being kept

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Obama’s Frustration with Clinton Campaign Should be a Warning to Dems

Will Democrats stop wasting their time rehashing conspiracy theories and actually start opposing Trump on Venezuela? On mass surveillance? On tax breaks to the wealthy? On defense spending?

Hillary Clinton Campaign | Barack Obama

A recent Daily Mail article presents former President Barack Obama’s anger, frustration and delusion with the Clinton Campaign and her loss to an orange haired, xenophobic buffoon. Obama felt that he left a good economy behind for Clinton and that she failed to capitalize on his messaging. He also compared himself to the fictional Michael

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The Thoughts and Prayers from War-Mongers and Islamophobes Ring Hollow

Any calls for accountability for the Christchurch massacre should start with the powerful politicians who have created so much chaos in the Muslim world and beyond.

New Zealand | Mosque Shooting

WASHINGTON -- Following the horrific shooting at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, statements of solidarity and sympathy have poured in from around the world, condemning the act and remembering the lives of the 50 people, including several children, who lost their lives. Yet, not everyone expressing sympathy has been deemed sincere by

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Mass Protests in Haiti, Like France’s Yellow Vests, Threaten Modern Oligarchic Structure

As Haitians throughout the country seethe with rage over Jovenel Moise’s blatant corruption, gross mismanagement and numerous scandals, the neo-Duvalier era in Haiti that has largely been orchestrated by the U.S. is now in danger of finally falling apart.

Haiti | Protests

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI – Throughout recent Latin American history, it is hard to find a country that has been as thoroughly manipulated and plundered by the United States as Haiti has. After over a century of U.S. intervention -- from the 19-year-long U.S. military occupation that began in 1915 to the 2010 election rigged by the Hillary Clinton-run

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Kamala Harris Schmoozes Mega-Donors While “Rejecting” Corporate Funding

Harris seems to be following the Clinton 2016 roadmap, from having worked closely with former Clinton campaign and Obama administration staffers to privately courting Clinton’s “inner circle” of donors for much of the past two years.

Kamala Harris

WASHINGTON -- On Monday, Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) formally announced her campaign for the presidency -- surprising few, given long-standing speculation that she would seek the country’s highest office that began shortly after her Senate victory in 2016. However, despite the fact that her candidacy has long had an air of inevitability around it,

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