Israel Attacks Syria with New American Missiles

The attack comes less than a day after Jordan said 800 people including members of Syria’s controversial “White Helmets” opposition group had been evacuated Sunday from southwest Syria with the help of Israel forces.

The Israeli army carried out Sunday night an aggression on a Syrian military site in Masyaf area in Hama countryside. A military source said in a statement to Syria's state agency SANA that a military site in Masyaf in Hama countryside was targeted by an Israeli aerial aggression, causing only material damage. The source said the attack is an

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Syria, Paradise Lost: Part III

Christians and Muslims living in Maaloula were immune from war until September when opposition fighters, including an al-Qaida affiliate, besieged the town.

Before the outbreak of the civil war in 2011, the 360-kilometer highway linking the capital of Damascus with Syria’s largest city of Aleppo to the north, was the most widely traveled road in all Syria. It was also the corridor linking visitors with the country’s most treasured archeological sites and cultural landmarks. Upon leaving Damascus,

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