Cancer as Weapon: Poppy Bush’s Radioactive War on Iraq

If George Bush Sr., Dick Cheney, Colin Powell and Bill Clinton are still casting about for a legacy, there’s a grim one that will stay around for an eternity.

Gulf War | Iraq | George H. W. Bush

At the close of the first Gulf War, Saddam Hussein was denounced as a ferocious villain for ordering his retreating troops to destroy Kuwaiti oil fields, clotting the air with poisonous clouds of black smoke and saturating the ground with swamps of crude. It was justly called an environmental war crime. But months of bombing of Iraq by US and

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George H.W. Bush, The CIA And A Case Of State Terrorism

In a 2000 report, the CIA gave the first official admission of it’s complicity in the assassination of a Chilean diplomat, but it shed no light on the actions of George H.W. Bush, then Director of the CIA, in the days before and after the assassination.

Pres. George H. W. Bush, center, shakes hands with former Chilean dictator Gen. Augusto Pinochet, Dec. 6, 1990, Santiago, Chile.

From the Archive: Forty years ago, a car-bomb exploded in Washington killing Chile’s ex-Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier, an act of state terrorism that the CIA and its director George H.W. Bush tried to cover up, Robert Parry reported in 2000.  (Originally published on Sept. 23, 2000)   I n early fall of 1976, after a Chilean

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