Is America a Failed State? Trump’s COVID Response Has Many Saying “Yes”

Evident by its response to COVID-19, its brutal crackdown on racial-justice protesters, and its inability to hold free and fair elections, experts are in agreement: the United States is a nation in decline.

American Flag Feature photo

Even as every other advanced, industrialized nation has eliminated or is drastically reducing their coronavirus pandemics, Thursday was the worst day on record for the United States in terms of infections with over 40,000 confirmed cases reported, beating the previous high on April 24 by over 1,000. The United States had months to learn from

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Polls: Four Weeks of Protest Have Radically Altered American Views on Police

American voters now support sweeping changes to policing; 83 percent want a ban on racial profiling, 92 percent want police to be required to wear body cameras and White Americans’ concern over police violence has increased by 50 percent since 2019.

Black Lives Matter Photo of the day

Just four weeks of protest have radically altered Americans’ views on the police and what their role in society should be. Once almost exclusively the domain of activist groups, moves to comprehensively change, defund or even abolish the police are rapidly gaining momentum with the public. A new study published this week by Data for

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The Murders of Floyd and Halak Exposed the US and Israel as Settler-Colonial Enterprises

The systemic oppression faced by blacks and Palestinians in the United States and Israel is indicative of a deeply rooted racism rarely found in true democracies.

George Floyd Palestine Feature photo

The slow, agonizing death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the torturous murder of Iyad Halak in Jerusalem have a great deal in common. Testimony I heard from a member of Iyad’s family who wished not to be identified is chilling. That testimony doesn’t make up for the video footage that Israeli police refuse to release that show the moments he

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Palestine Bleeds: Israel’s Execution of an Autistic Man is Not an Exception but the Norm

In recent years, the Israeli army has upgraded its code of conduct, adopting a shoot-to-kill policy of any Palestinian they suspect of attempting to harm Israeli occupation soldiers, even when the alleged Palestinian ‘attacker’ is no longer posing a threat.

Eyad Hallaq Feature photo

A 32-year-old man with the mental age of an 8-year-old child was executed by Israeli soldiers on May 30, while crouching behind his teacher near his special needs school in the Old City of Jerusalem. The cold-blooded murder of Eyad Hallaq might not have received much attention if it were not for the fact that it took place five days following

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From Superpredators to Black Lives Matter: Hillary Clinton’s Opportunistic Career Arc

An honest reckoning of Clinton’s past unearths a myriad of troubling incidents and positions that are difficult to square with her newfound radical antiracist stance.

Hillary Clinton Feature photo

After the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis two weeks ago, a spontaneous nationwide movement of millions of people protesting racist policing has gripped the country. Politicians of all stripes have staked out their positions, condemning, endorsing, or trying to co-opt the radical movement. The latest of these is failed 2016 presidential

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George Floyd Protests: US Arrests Now Higher Than Hong Kong Protest Total Figures

While the world condemns China for its response to the Hong Kong protests, the numbers and the images make clear that the US has responded to its popular uprising with more force and less tolerance than Beijing

George Floyd Protests Feature photo

After just over a week of demonstrations, the number of Americans arrested in the George Floyd protests far exceeds that of over a year’s worth of protests in Hong Kong. A survey of just 30 police departments conducted on Tuesday found that they had collectively detained over 11,000 individuals, meaning the actual number detained across the entire

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