Google Reveals Secret FBI Subpoena, Reports Increase In FISA Requests

The government severely limits the ability of companies to make the exact details of their surveillance public, with gag orders keeping some actions secret outright.

A man walks past a building on the Google campus in Mountain View, Calif. Google recently noted ‘Usage of our services have increased every year, and so have the user data request number.’

The FBI served Google with a “national security letter” in early 2015, the company has revealed in this week’s transparency report, and obliged the company to keep the matter secret under a gag order until now. National security letters allow the FBI to covertly subpoena data from companies without having to get a court order, so long as

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Israeli Military Censor Seeks To Expand Control To ‘Prominent’ Facebook Users

At least 30 Israelis have received gag orders for social media activity.

“Suing Facebook, Disconnect from Terror”

The Israeli military censor usually tries to stay out of the headlines. It’s not always easy, as several times high-profile Israel-related stories have broken in the US media first, and aren’t “allowed” in Israeli papers for days after. Those incidents are a constant reminder that in Israel, nothing even vaguely national security-related gets

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Richard Silverstein On Israel’s Gag Orders And ‘The Middle East’s Only Democracy’

“Security, as the government defines it, trumps everything,” says Richard Silverstein, a veteran journalist who’s made a name for himself by exposing stories Israel’s domestic media are forbidden from touching.

Israeli journalists are seen during a press conference near a military defense missile system near Tel Aviv, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012.

WASHINGTON --- Though it describes itself as “the only democracy in the Middle East,” the Israeli government and military regularly impose gag orders to stop domestic media from reporting on sensitive information, including the detention of Israeli citizens by Hamas in Gaza, meetings between the Israeli Defense Forces and al-Qaida fighters, and the

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Israel Removes Gag Order, Acknowledges Hamas Holds Israeli-Ethiopian Prisoner

‘The “liberal” Haaretz didn’t report a single word on my role. They did to me what Israel did to Mengistu. They erased me and my reporting entirely.’

Avera Mengistu, right, at a celebration. Photo from Avera Mengistu's Facebook page.

Today, an Israeli judged removed the gag order prohibiting the domestic media from reporting that Avera Mengistu, an Israeli-Ethiopian citizen, crossed the border into Gaza last September and was imprisoned.  He has been detained there for the past eleven months.  During this time, no Israeli publication could report Mengistu’s name nor could they

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St. Louis County Grand Juror Challenges Lifetime Gag Order

The Juror hopes to talk about the experience of serving on a grand jury, the evidence presented and the investigation in a way that could contribute to the public dialogue concerning race relations.

Lesley McSpadden, the mother of Michael Brown, second from left standing on the top of a car, hugs an unidentified man, wearing an I am Mike Brown shirt, as she listens to the announcement of the grand jury decision Monday, Nov. 24, 2014, in Ferguson, Mo. ST. LOUIS – Grand Juror Doe, who served on the grand jury which investigated the

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