The Breaking of the Rainbow Coalition and the Rise of the “Negro Imperialist”

Black Panther Fred Hampton’s state-sponsored assassination on December 4, 1969, marked the beginning of a reactionary counter-revolution that has seen not just the rise of corporatism and militarism and right-wing ideology, but the cultivation of a sell-out black leadership.

At a rally outside the U.S. Courthouse October 29, 1969, Dr. Benjamin Spock, background, listens to Fred Hampton, chairman of the Illinois Black Panther party speak at a protest against the trial of eight persons accused of conspiracy to cause a riot during the Democratic National Convention in 1968. (AP/stf)

On Thursday, December 4, 1969, at about 4:30 AM, three unmarked Chicago police cars and a panel truck left the 26th Street office of the Cook County state’s attorney and headed west. The lakefront air was bitterly cold, and the vehicles moved deliberately past the empty lots, gutted warehouses, and walk-ups that dotted the city’s west side like

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