Five Years On, Saudi Attacks on Yemen’s Farmers Are Pushing the Whole Country into Famine

Between March 2015 and March 2019, the Saudi-led Coalition launched at least 10,000 airstrikes in Yemen that struck farms, 800 that struck local food markets, and about 450 airstrikes that hit silos and other food storage facilities.

Yemen Famine feature photo

HODEIDA, YEMEN -- The country of Yemen, known in the medieval period as "Green Yemen," is one of the most extensively terraced areas of the world. There, Yemeni farmers transformed rugged mountain slopes into terraces and built dams like the Great Marib, a structure whose history spans long enough that it was mentioned in the Quran. During the

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The Fallacy Of Feeding The World

Poor wages, trade policies that dump foreign agricultural products into the market undercutting farm prices, and government policy that pushes small farmers off their land—these are the causes of hunger.

Yesterday I heard someone talking about how the US has a responsibility to “feed the world”. I have a real problem with this, who gave us this mandate? The thought of the US “feeding the world” is ridiculous in so many ways, but more so, it is condescending to say the least, to the rest of the world. Who made us keepers of the world? Who decided

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We Must Degrow The ‘Corporate Food Regime’: Food Sovereignty Advocate

The industrial system in place has ‘fetishized growth’ but has not addressed hunger, according to Food First’s Eric Holt-Giménez.

It's necessary to "degrow" the "corporate food regime" that over last five decades has impoverished the climate, water resources, local communities and crop diversity, and has not solved the problem of hunger. This was the argument made by Eric Holt-Giménez, Executive Director of Food First, an organization whose mission is to work towards

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World Bank Report Warns Of Increased Rioting As Food Prices Rise

A new report from the World Bank reflects the notion that a well-fed population is more willing to tolerate frustrations and perceived injustices than a starving one.

Tunisia Riots

The price of food internationally has risen 4 percent between January and April 2014. This marks the first increase in food prices since August 2012 -- the historical peak for food prices. Though the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization projects the second largest cereal harvest for 2014/2015, the world’s grain production is expected

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Infant Formula Manufacturers Urged To Stay Out Of Delivery Wards

Breastfeeding rates are back on the rise after decades of decline, despite formula manufacturers’ best efforts to get new mothers hooked on their products early.

Breastfeeding resolution

WASHINGTON --- Nearly two dozen organizations and almost 18,000 mothers are calling on three of the United States’ largest manufacturers of infant formula to halt the longstanding practice of promoting their products in hospitals, particularly by giving out “discharge bags” full of free samples to new moms. Critics say women who receive such

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Mexicans Squeezed By Soaring Lime Prices

The citrus fruit has become such a precious commodity that gangs of thieves are even stealing ‘green gold’ by the ton.

GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Limes are to Mexican cuisine what olive oil is to Italian food and cheese is to French … you get the idea. Here they squeeze the tangy green fruit over pretty much everything, from tacos and potato chips to fresh mango and coconut. So it’s understandable that a sudden increase in lime prices would leave many Mexicans

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