Florida Fires COVID-19 Public Data Guru as Private Firm Takes over Atlanta’s Data Dashboard

The firing of Florida COVID-19 data guru Rebekah Jones comes as Georgia hands control of its own coronavirus data dashboard to an HHS-linked private cybersecurity firm.

Coronavirus Data Transparency Feature photo

Rebekah Jones doesn't expect her replacement at Florida's DOH’s Division of Disease Control and Health Protection (DDCHP) to provide "the same level of accessibility and transparency" that she had been committed to providing as geographic information system (GIS) manager and architect of the state's lauded COVID-19 Data and Surveillance

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From Tel Aviv to Tallahassee

Surrounded by Israeli dignitaries, accompanied by AIPAC checkbooks, Sheldon and Miriam Adelson, and Morton Klein of the Zionist Organization of America, Ron DeSantis’ journey was nothing short of a full on fidelity cheer for Israel.

Ron DeSantis Israel Feature photo

Please take your seat, sir, said the steward to the Governor. “We will be landing at Ben Gurion Airport shortly.” Snapping his seat-belt firmly into place, the edgy Governor fingered his rosary beads as he wondered, to himself, whether Israeli Jews would have big noses like those of Miami. Do they tan well? Would he understand what they say, given

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In Historic Move, Florida Reverses Ban on Voting Rights for People With Past Felony Convictions

“Florida voters made a resoundingly clear statement that the state’s shameful lifetime ban on voting is not consistent with the values of democracy.”

Florida Voter Rights

In a "huge and hard fought victory" that writer and activist Shaun King called "one of the most important of our lifetime," Florida on Tuesday overwhelming approved Amendment 4, which restores voting rights for 1.4 million state residents with past felony convictions who were barred from participating in elections even after completing their

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Stand Your Ground: As Florida Case Illustrates, A 33-State License to Kill

For all practical purposes, the consequence for killing an unarmed African-American in Florida is often less than that for killing a beaver in Maine.

Tempe Louis, of Clearwater, pauses to observe a memorial on the side of the Circle A Food Mart, in Clearwater, Fla on July 24, 2018. Douglas R. Clifford | Tampa Bay Times via AP

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA -- To better understand the depraved heart of America’s racist justice system, take a moment to unbundle the “Stand Your Ground” statute that is the legal basis for a Florida sheriff’s announcement last week that he would not file criminal charges against a white vigilante who fatally shot an unarmed black man during a scuffle

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Leaky Miami Nuclear Facility Riddled With Problems In Irma’s Direct Path

Ever since Fukushima, nuclear plants in the path of massive storms have raised serious safety questions. Particularly when a plant, such as Florida Power and Light’s Turkey Point, has a poor safety record and a propensity to leak. Yet, with Irma bearing down, FPL’s public face is unconcerned.

hurricane florence

Throughout Florida, Hurricane Irma – touted as a “once in a generation” storm – is causing widespread panic. More than 600,000 people have been ordered to evacuate amid concerns about the potential damage to buildings and infrastructure the Category 4 storm could cause. Though many coastal structures are certainly in danger, with Irma’s center

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The Next “Standing Rock”? Florida Protesters Fighting Sabal Trail Pipeline

A pipeline that is under construction in several southern U.S. states has local residents fired up, as they fear potential contamination of their groundwater. The EPA and local authorities have given the pipeline a thumbs-up, despite the likelihood of significant damage to the environment.

Activists hold signs as they protest the Sabal Trail pipeline, in front of the office of U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson, Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2017, in Coral Gables, Fla. The Sabal Trail is an underground natural gas pipeline project that originates in Alabama, stretches through Georgia and terminates in Florida. (AP/Alan Diaz)

TAMPA -- As the fight to stop the Dakota Access pipeline becomes a distant memory for many, similar fights are still taking place throughout much of the United States, albeit with far less press coverage by mainstream and alternative media alike. The Sabal Trail pipeline, set to span much of Florida, Georgia and Alabama, is the subject of one

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