Surveillance, Privacy Concerns Raised As FAA Gives Domestic Drones A Nod

FAA and White House release rules and memo governing commercial drone use on same day.

Domestic non-military drone use took one step closer to widespread implementation on Sunday, as the Federal Aviation Administration issued proposed regulations for small unmanned aircraft systems in the U.S. According to an FAA press release, the rule would limit flights to daylight and visual-line-of-sight operations. It also addresses height

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Key Decisions On Drones Likely From Congress

The FAA is expected to propose restricting drones weighing less than 55 pounds to altitudes below 400 feet, forbid nighttime flights and require drones be kept within sight of their operators.

Members of the Box Elder County Sheriff's Office search and rescue team fly their search and rescue drone during a demonstration, in Brigham City, Utah. (AP Photo) WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is on the verge of proposing long-awaited rules for commercial drone operations in U.S. skies, but key decisions on how much access to grant

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Shooting Of Unarmed Missouri Teen Reflects An Out-Of-Control Police Force

There’s a sense among many that the police are growing to be more of a liability than an asset and that law enforcement isn’t necessarily fulfilling its “to serve and protect” duties.

Police Shooting Missouri

In Ferguson, Missouri, outrage over the police shooting of a teenager has led to multiple days of protest, the Federal Aviation Administration closing off Ferguson’s airspace for all aircraft flying below 3,000 feet, and an armed protester being shot at a community meeting. For many both in- and outside of Ferguson, the situation there reflects a

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UAV Enthusiasts: Drone Photography Is Not A Crime

For several drone photography enthusiasts, their own footage has been their best defense against spurious charges.

David Beesmer was arrested by a New York state trooper on Tuesday and charged with a felony -- unlawful surveillance in the second degree -- for recording aerial video footage of the Mid Hudson Medical Group building in Ulster, New York, which just opened last Monday. Beesmer was in the area because he had taken his mother to a doctor’s

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Military Experts: Killer Drones Will Trigger ‘Slippery Slope’ Into Endless War

The use of drones as a ‘pillar’ of military policy raises significant strategic, legal and ethical questions, warns a high-level panel of military and foreign policy experts.

The embrace of killer drones by the United States government is likely to increase anti-U.S. sentiment, erode national sovereignty and trigger a "slippery slope" into endless war, a prominent military and intelligence panel warned in a new report published Thursday. Recommendations and Report of the Task Force on United States Drone Policy (pdf)

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FAA Controllers Working ‘Rattler’ Schedules, Suffering Fatigue

More than three years after a series of incidents involving controllers sleeping on the job, air traffic controllers still work schedules known as “rattlers” that make it likely they’ll get little or no sleep before overnight shifts.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Air traffic controllers are still working schedules known as "rattlers" that make it likely they'll get little or no sleep before overnight shifts, more than three years after a series of incidents involving controllers sleeping on the job, according to a government report released Friday. The report by the National Research

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