Labour’s Brexit Strategy Backfires as UK Votes to Leave EU at Any Cost

While Labour hemorrhaged votes across the board, it was in “leave” constituencies the party faired the worst, where their vote share decreased by over ten percent on average.

UK Brexit Election Feature photo

The Conservative Party is celebrating a resounding victory in yesterday’s General Elections in the United Kingdom. With all but one of the 650 constituencies counted, the public has elected 364 Tory Members to Parliament, on a night that saw great losses for the Labour Party.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared the moment a “new dawn” for the

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With No End in Sight, Israel’s Election Soap Opera Rages On

As Netanyahu faces corruption charges and Arabs become a predictable scapegoat, the political soap opera in Israel is just getting started, writes Miko Peled.

The Israeli election process, like a bad soap opera, has been going on for many months now with no end in sight, and precisely like a poorly made soap opera, the squabbling, blaming, threatening, scare tactics and mudslinging have lead to nothing.    The Boss Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, assumed to be the “Boss” of Israeli politics,

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Ukraine’s Voters Didn’t Just Reject Nationalism, They Rejected Maidan, Bandera and the Revolution

The recent elections in Ukraine show that voters are rejecting the maidan “revolution” and the growing far-right nationalism that came with it.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy

On March 31, the International Election Observation Mission released a statement concluding their assessment of Ukraine's 2019 presidential election. In it, they wrote: Most previous ODIHR and Council of Europe’s European Commission for Democracy through Law (Venice Commission) recommendations that would bring the legal framework further in line

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MintCast Episode 1: Venezuela, Ecuador and Netanyahu

Venezuela leaves the OAS, Ecuador creeps towards authoritarianism and Netanyahu wins another term.

MintCast Banner

Whitney Webb and Alan MacLeod discuss this week’s headlines, including Venezuela leaving the OAS, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s re-election in Israel on the anniversary of the Deir Yassin Massacre and Lenin Moreno’s move towards authoritarianism in Ecuador.

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Israel Holds Elections on Day Palestinians Commemorate Deir Yassin Massacre

The Deir Yassin massacre was used by the Zionist establishment and the terror squads to terrify Palestinians who may have hesitated to leave their land. “Remember what happened in Deir Yassin” was often used as a threat.

Deir Yassin | Israel

JERUSALEM -- Elections for the 21st Israeli Knesset will take place April 9. On this day in 1948, Zionist militia entered the quiet village of Deir Yassin, murdered many of its inhabitants, expelled the survivors, and destroyed most of what remained. It was known to be a peaceful village that sat on the western edge of Jerusalem and in the early

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Israel Bans Arab Parties and Liberal Candidate from Coming Elections

In Israel, two Palestinian political parties and one liberal Jewish party member have been banned from running in the April 9th election; meanwhile, a radical Jewish candidate stays in, even after Israel’s Attorney General recommended he be banned.

Benjamin Netanyahu | Israel Elections

The Washington Post reported that Israel’s electoral committee has decided to ban two Palestinian parties and one liberal Jewish, pro-Palestinian rights candidate from running in next month’s elections. At the same time, the committee retained an extreme right-wing candidate, in spite of a recommendation from Israel’s Attorney General to bar

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