Podcast: West Virginia’s Exploited Communities Stand Up to Coal, Oil & Gas Giants

Journalist and documentary filmmaker Eleanor Goldfield discusses her new film and how West Virginia became a microcosm for working class exploitation at the hands of corporate America.

Podcast Eleanor Goldfield Feature photo

Welcome to MintCast -- an interview series hosted by Mnar Muhawesh Adley featuring dissenting voices the establishment would rather silence. In this episode, we are joined by activist, journalist and documentary filmmaker Eleanor Goldfield whose new documentary, “Hard Road of Hope,” shares the stories of people in West Virginia and their

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Every American Should Watch Abby Martin’s New Afghanistan War Documentary

Abby Martin’s new documentary, “Afghanistan War Exposed: An Imperial Conspiracy,” is a tour de force, a must watch for every American seeking a holistic understanding of American’s longest-running war.

Afghanistan Mural Feature photo

The perpetual occupation of Afghanistan has become so normalized that it mostly serves as background noise to most Americans. It’s even jokingly referred to as the "Forever War," accepted as just another constant reality. A soldier dies now and again, a couple of dozen civilians get killed in another bombing. It’s never enough to stir the

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For Sama: A Beautiful Yet Deceptive Documentary That Betrays Reality in Syria

On the surface, “For Sama” is about romance and childbirth, but underneath, it is very political.

For Sama Feature photo

The documentary movie "For Sama" has won a host of awards in Europe and North America. Its producers and protagonists, Syrians Waad Kateab and her husband Dr. Hamza Kateab plus English film-maker Edward Watts, have received gushing praise. And the awards will probably keep coming.  Unfortunately, behind the human interest story, the film "For

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Al Qaeda & Hollywood: The American Film Industry is Promoting War

An exclusive Grayzone investigative documentary rips the cover off of the most sophisticated and expensive campaign of humanitarian interventionist propaganda in modern history.

al qaeda

For decades, Western governments, corporate media and Hollywood have engaged in a project of mass deception to manufacture consent for military interventions. Waged in the name of lofty ideals like freedom, human rights and democracy, US-led wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya wound up bringing death, destruction and even the return of slavery to

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Undercover Documentary Shows Israel Lobby Groups Organizing “Fake Protests”

Exclusive leaked scenes from Al Jazeera’s “The Lobby – USA” documentary show how Emergency Committee for Israel Executive Director Noah Pollak and the Hoover Institution astroturfed an inflammatory protest against the 2016 Students for Justice in Palestine national conference.

The Grayzone Project has released scenes from an investigative Al Jazeera undercover documentary, “The Lobby – USA,” whose publication was blocked by the government of Qatar under Israel lobby pressure. The footage reveals how Emergency Committee on Israel Executive Director Noah Pollak and the right-wing Hoover Institution organized an

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Shadow World Exposes Greed, Profit and the Business of War

A new PBS documentary looks deep into the shadowy world of the global arms trade, profit-making from war, and the politicians who sell the interests of their constituents to the highest bidder.

A fully armed MQ-9 Reaper taxis down an Afghanistan runway. (Photo: U.S. Air Force)

In his first year in office, President Donald Trump has earnestly played the role of salesman-in-chief for United States arms manufacturers. The U.S. accounts “for more than half the world’s annual arms deals.” Trump may make it much easier for the government to sell weapons by enlisting the Pentagon and State Department to more aggressively

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