After Lana Del Rey, 15 Artists Boycott Israel’s Meteor Festival

Concert cancellations grow by the day, as one by one, artists align in solidarity with the Palestinian movement.

A total of 15 performers have joined the international campaign to boycott Israel’s Meteor Festival, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) confirmed Monday just a few days after U.S. pop singer Lana Del Rey, the festival's main guest, announced she was not attending the concert in a big victory for pro-Palestinian activists. Concert

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Undercover Documentary Shows Israel Lobby Groups Organizing “Fake Protests”

Exclusive leaked scenes from Al Jazeera’s “The Lobby – USA” documentary show how Emergency Committee for Israel Executive Director Noah Pollak and the Hoover Institution astroturfed an inflammatory protest against the 2016 Students for Justice in Palestine national conference.

The Grayzone Project has released scenes from an investigative Al Jazeera undercover documentary, “The Lobby – USA,” whose publication was blocked by the government of Qatar under Israel lobby pressure. The footage reveals how Emergency Committee on Israel Executive Director Noah Pollak and the right-wing Hoover Institution organized an

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An American Church With 1.5 Million Members Just Voted Unanimously to Support BDS

The resolutions won by a landslide following powerful testimonies from local and visiting Palestinians, Black Lives Matter leaders, Presbyterians and others.


The Presbyterian Church (USA), which represents 1.5 million Americans, has voted overwhelmingly in support of the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Campaign (BDS). Members took part in a vote last Friday on a slate of resolutions put forth by one of its member groups, the Israel Palestine Mission Network (IPMN). The church opposed

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Scottish Court Rules Opposing Zionism Is Not Racism

The SPSC has faced repeated efforts by pro-Israel lobbyists and Scottish prosecutors to criminalize the group’s pro-Palestine activities.

Opposing Zionism is not racism, rules Scottish court

In yet another landmark legal victory, members of the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign emerged from court victorious today after being accused of racism. Their “crime”? Standing up to Zionism. The trial ended three years of speculation and pressure for SPSC members whose robust defense of their actions won the day in Glasgow Sherriff’s Court

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UK Students ‘Disciplined’ Over Support For Boycott On Israeli Goods

Dozens of academics signed a petition calling on the university to withdraw the disciplinary charge against the students who carried a banner which read “Stop Arming Israel”.

Image of a banner reading 'Stop Arming Israel' by the student-led BDS campaign at the University of Manchester on 3 March 2017 (BDS Campaign University of Manchester/Facebook)

The University of Manchester has come under sharp criticism for its decision to discipline two students for their role in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign during Israel Apartheid Week earlier this month. Dozens of academics signed a petition calling on the university to withdraw the disciplinary charge against the students who

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Fordham University Employs Bizarre Tactics To Curb Student Activism

Following previous efforts to block SJP, Fordham’s Dean of students insisted that University policy required he meet alone, behind a closed door, with a student representing the group, with a white noise machine turned on.

Students protest against Fordham University's decision to block Students for Justice in Palestine from registering as an on-campus student group.

NEW YORK --- Fordham University sanctioned a student leader on Thursday, sending senior and Fordham Students for Justice in Palestine lead campus organizer Sapphira Lurie a hand-delivered “disciplinary reprimand” of “official warning” as protests of its refusal to recognize SJP as a campus organization continued. The admonition came after Lurie

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