Brazil’s Manufactured Coup: The ‘Shock Doctrine’ Returns To Latin America

The Global South is growing unintelligible from the European South amid harsh austerity measures and other maneuverings that suit the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor and working class.

Maria de Jesus Oliveira da Costa, known as "Tia Zelia," takes down an autographed photo given to her by Brazil's impeached President Dilma Rousseff, to show it to journalists at her restaurant in Brasilia, Brazil, where photos of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva also hang. (AP/Eraldo Peres)

BRASILIA, Brazil --- Harsh austerity. A 20-year public spending freeze. A non-elected government. A coup backed by the United States and corporate world. This is the new reality that Brazil has faced following the impeachment and ouster of the democratically-elected Dilma Rousseff in August of 2016 on charges of corruption and her replacement

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Brazilian President Michel Temer: Dilma Rousseff Impeached Because She Didn’t Support Neoliberalism

Rousseff rejected a proposal by Temer’s party which included ‘cuts to health and education spending, reduced welfare benefits, a raised retirement age, new private sector partnerships and decreased market regulations,’ according to a journalist at The Intercept Brasil.

Soldiers stand guard outside Planalto presidential palace where protesters have projected the word "Impeachment" on the building, as they call for the impeachment of Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff in Brasilia, Brazil, Monday, March 21, 2016. (AP/Eraldo Peres)

AUSTIN, Texas --- During a recent appearance at a corporate think tank, Brazilian President Michel Temer admitted that his predecessor, Dilma Rousseff, was impeached because she refused to implement a neoliberal reform plan published by Temer’s party. Rousseff was formally removed from office on Aug. 31 after the Brazilian senate voted to

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Venezuela Breaks Ties With Brazil As Rousseff Impeachment Takes Effect

Nicolas Maduro described Rousseff’s impeachment and removal as a parliamentary coup, stating the withdrawal of its ambassador is definitive.

Brazil's ousted President Dilma Rousseff is embraced by the senator Jorge Viana, after she addressed supporters from the official residence of the president, Alvorada Palace in Brasilia, Brazil, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016.

The suspended Brazilian president, Dilma Rousseff has been permanently removed from office by the country’s senate in an impeachment vote on Wednesday August 31, 2016. Rousseff was suspended in May 2016, after the senate voted to go ahead with the impeachment process. Accused of moving funds between government budgets, Rousseff was said to

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Heavyweights Of Academia & Activism Condemn Brazil’s Manufactured Coup In Open Letter

“Brazil has only emerged from dictatorship some 30 years ago and these events could set back the country’s progress towards social and economic inclusion by decades”

Thousands of demonstrators march during a protest organized by the workers roofless movement, against Brazil's acting President Michel Temer, and in support of Brazil's suspended President Dilma Rousseff, in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Thursday, May 12, 2016.

Naomi Klein, Oliver Stone, Noam Chomsky, Susan Sarandon, Arundhati Roy, and 17 other human rights activists, intellectuals, and public figures on Wednesday sent a letter to the Brazilian government condemning the impeachment of the country's President Dilma Rousseff, and demanding that Brazil's senate "respect the October 2014 electoral process

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Shocking Brazil Leaks Prompt Panic In Fraud-Riddled Coup Govt

Three leaked conversations crashed onto Brazil’s political scene this week, raising concerns more damning evidence behind Rousseff’s ouster is yet to come.

Brazil's acting President Michel Temer arrives to speak, at Planalto presidential palace in Brasilia, Brazil, Thursday, May 12, 2016.

Fear that more damning leaks solidifying claims that the plan to remove suspended President Dilma Rousseff was a coup is settling in around the unelected interim President Michel Temer, prompting advisors to suggest a shift of corrupt ministers as political scandal rocks the imposed government just two weeks after being installed, the Brazilian

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Leaked Transcripts Detail How Elite Orchestrated Overthrow In Brazil

Revelations detail ‘national pact’ between government, military, and oil executives.

A woman holds up signs that say in Portuguese "Serra, the coup is hot, we're already boiling," left, and "Serra, tomorrow will be another day" as protesters wait for him outside the Foreign Relations Ministry where he'll meet Argentina's Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Monday, May 23, 2016. Serra is on his first state visit since being appointed in the wake of Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff's impeachment. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

Confirming suspicions that the ouster of Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff is, in fact, a coup designed to eradicate a wide corruption probe, Brazil's largest newspaper on Monday published damning evidence of a "national pact" between a top government official and oil executive. It is unclear how Folha de São Paulo obtained the transcripts of

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