Whistleblower: Veterans Corpses Rotting In Chicago VA’s Morgue

The level of decay was so pronounced that at least one of the bodies had liquefied. When the staff tried to remove it, the body-bag burst.

An Army honor guard prepare a folded a flag at a memorial service for veterans whose remains went unclaimed at a Detroit morgue.

The Department of Veterans Affairs can’t seem to keep up with the burden of their heavy workload. They’ve taken flack for administrative corruption, long wait times, and even negligent responses to suicidal soldiers seeking assistance. The latest scandal to break paints another bleak picture. A whistle-blower at an Illinois VA hospital has

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Congress Still Dragging Its Feet On Military Sexual Assault Reform

Proposals to address a major flaw in the military’s policy for reporting rapes have languished in Congress.

(New York)-- Every May, the U.S. Department of Defense issues statistics on rapes and sexual assault charges in the military in its Annual Report on Sexual Assault. In FY 2012, 3,374 sexual assaults were reported. That’s only part of the story. Those who work to treat and heal sexual violence, whether as survivors, advocates or therapists, say they

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VA Backlog Leaves US Veterans Floundering

The VA says it has more than 800,000 pending claims in its 58 regional offices, with an average wait time of 273 days.

Backlogs at the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) are causing quite a few headaches for veterans across the U.S. Take William Kasten for example. He suffers from debilitating back pain and depression after serving in the Coast Guard. Kasten was injured in Panama in 1995 as part of a counterdrug mission when he was thrown headfirst into the

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