‘Leaving Aside’ International Law: Democrats are as Dangerous as Republicans to Peace in Palestine

It’s easy to discredit the foreign policy agenda of Trump, Pompeo, and other Republicans as their aggressive, dismissive language and action are unmistakably objectionable. The Democratic discourse, however, cannot be as easily censured,

Democrats Palestine Feature photo

There are obvious differences in the Democrats’ approach to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, but only in semantics and political jingoism, not policy. This assertion can be justified if the Democratic administration’s official language on Palestine and Israel is examined, and such language considered within the context of practical policies on the

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Georgia Dems Relied Heavily on Massive Corporate War Chest to Cinch Historic Election

Democrats’ massive war chest came in no small part from hefty contributions from corporate America, including Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and AT&T.

Georgia Election Feature photo

In order to beat GOP incumbents David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in the Georgia Senate elections, Democrats had to spend big, raising hundreds of millions of dollars in the process. The two Georgia Senate elections — called today for the Democrats — were easily the most costly in history, amounting to nearly $830 million in total ($468 million

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Democrats Campaigning to Keep Green Party off the Ballot in Key Swing States

Voter shaming did not work for the Democrats in 2016 and with this latest attempt to bar the Green Party from even standing, Democrats are choosing a high-risk strategy that could backfire on election day.

The 2020 presidential election is already underway — or, at least, it should be. Because of an ongoing legal battle, none of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties will be sending out mail-in ballots today like they were originally scheduled to. Democrats are attempting to remove Green Party presidential candidate Howie Hawkins from the ballot because of an

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Democratic Establishment Commits to Status Quo with Kamala Harris VP Pick

Just as America seemed to be in the midst of reckoning over-policing and racial justice, the Democratic establishment threw its support behind a hawkish former prosecutor with a questionable record.

Kamala Harris Feature photo

There were mixed reactions to Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden choosing Kamala Harris as his running mate last night. Many at the top of the party hailed the pick as a strong choice. “I’m thrilled to welcome Kamala Harris to a historic Democratic ticket,” said Biden’s predecessor Hillary Clinton, who described her as “an incredible

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Just Like With Healthcare, Democrats Offer Half-Hearted Measures to Impending Eviction Crisis

The federal moratorium on evictions expired this week, leaving 12 million renters at risk of losing their homes, and much as they did with healthcare, Democrats are offering little more than token non-solutions.

Eviction Moratorium Feature photo

The best defense against a raging pandemic that has already claimed over 152,000 American lives is simply to stay home. But even this could soon become impossible for millions, as the United States is facing an impending eviction crisis of “biblical proportions,” according to the Housing Rights Initiative. Earlier this week, the federal moratorium

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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: It’s Time to Dump the Democrats

As in 2016, you’d think it would be easy to beat the Orange Menace, but the Democrats are challenging him with somebody even worse than Clinton, a man in steep cognitive decline.

Biden Democrats

New York City (BAR) — Kamala Harris might be the perfect lens to reveal who the Democrats really are. A good run-down on her track record  highlights her assertion that "It is not progressive to be soft on crime."  As a San Francisco social worker, I sat on the school district committee that met with families of chronically truant students.  Once,

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