The PLO’s Half-Hearted Attempt to Counter Israeli Annexation of Palestine

As soon as Washington’s plan was announced in January, followed by Israel’s insistence that annexation of Palestinian territories was imminent, the PLO spun into a strange political mode, far more unpredictable and bizarre than ever before.

Israel Feature photo

The painful truth is that the Palestinian Authority of President Mahmoud Abbas has already ceased to exist as a political body that holds much sway or relevance, either to the Palestinian people or to Abbas’ former benefactors, namely the Israeli and the American governments. So, when the Palestinian Authority Prime Minister, Mohammed Shtayyeh,

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The Donald Trump I Know: Abbas’ UN Speech and the Breakdown of Palestinian Politics

The real danger of Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ is not the actual stipulations of the sinister plan, but the fact that Mahmoud Abbas will find a way to co-exist with them, writes Ramzy Baroud.

Mahmoud Abbas Feature photo

A precious moment has been squandered, as Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, had the chance to right a historical wrong, by reinstating Palestinian national priorities at the United Nations Security Council on February 11, through a political discourse that is completely independent from Washington and its allies. For a long time,

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How Trump’s “Peace” Plan Will Redraw Israel’s Borders to Exclude to Non-Jews

Trump’s new Middle East “Peace” Plan will redraw Israeli borders to exclude towns with large populations of Arab citizens, an attempt, writes Miko Peled, to force them down the totem pole to a place where their rights will be even more limited.

Israe US Plan Arab Citizens Feature photo

Qalansawe, Palestine: one of ten towns slated by Donald's Trump's Middle East "Peace" Plan to be transferred from Israel to a future Palestinian state. To fully understand what this means, it is helpful to see Palestinians as though they exist within a totem pole that was created by Israel. There are different levels of existence into which

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Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’: Old Israeli Demands in a New Package

Consisting of 80 pages, 50 of which are entirely dedicated to the plan’s economic component, Trump’s Deal of the Century is little more than a rehash of previous Israeli proposals that have already been rejected by Palestinians, writes Ramzy Baroud.

Trump Middle East Plan Feature photo

After several postponements, US President, Donald Trump, has finally revealed the details of his Middle East plan, dubbed ‘Deal of the Century’, in a press conference in Washington on January 28.  Standing triumphantly beside Trump, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, must have surely understood that the timing of the announcement, only

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With Trump’s Help, Israel Chooses Short-Term Land Grabs Over Long-Term Legitimacy

As Israel prepares for another round of elections, the Trump administration seems poised to give Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu an invaluable campaign contribution by providing a green light for Israel to declare sovereignty in Area C of the West Bank.

Israel Settlements Feature photo

The case for Israel’s legitimacy and right to exist is one that is difficult to make. Israel is a state that was created for immigrant-settlers in a country that was fully inhabited and developed. Yet as long as Israeli governments pretend that they are interested in a peaceful solution with the people of Palestine -- a solution that will include

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Mass Demonstrations Against Saudi Summit and US “Deal” Mark Quds Day in Yemen

Quds Day demonstrations condemned the so-called U.S. Deal of the Century and vowed to support Palestinians facing the prospect of losing their rights under the U.S.-brokered plan.

Quds Day Protest Yemen Banner

SANA'A, YEMEN -- Massive demonstrations took place across Yemen's major provinces on Friday to oppose a meeting of leaders of Arab and Islamic countries who gathered in Saudi Arabia. Demonstrators also rallied against the Trump administration’s “Deal of the Century” -- as Friday is also international "Quds Day," when protests are held across the

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