‘Outrage’ Follows USDA’s Advancement Of New Genetically Engineered Crops

‘We need to get off the pesticide treadmill,’ said George Naylor, farmer and Center for Food Safety Board Member

Watchdog groups are denouncing the U.S. Department of Agriculture's recommendation on Wednesday to approve new varieties of genetically engineered corn and soybeans as a path towards more toxic pesticides that threaten the environment and public health. "We are outraged," stated Marcia Ishii-Eiteman, PhD, senior scientist with Pesticide Action

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Brazil Farmers Say GMO Corn No Longer Resistant To Bugs

Farm lobby group calls on Monsanto and other biotech companies to reimburse for additional pesticide treatments.

Brazilian farmers say their GMO corn is no longer resistant to pests, Reuters reported Monday. The Association of Soybean and Corn Producers of the Mato Grosso region said farmers first noticed in March that their genetically modified corn crops were less resistant to the destructive caterpillars that "Bt corn" — which has been genetically

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Toxin-Resistant Corn Pest Thwarts Genetic Engineering Efforts

Due to farmer error and poor enforcement on the part of biotech companies, a pest that should have been poisoned by GMO corn has become resistant to the toxins.

Larry Hasheider

LOS ANGELES --- In a case of evolution outfoxing agricultural biotechnology, a voracious rootworm that was supposed to be poisoned by genetically-modified corn has become resistant to the toxins produced by the plant. Populations of western corn rootworms, which used to cause billions of dollars in damage to U.S. crops, plummeted across the

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Leaked Report: Corn Ethanol Hurts The Environment

A leaked U.N. report reveals that contrary to popular belief, crops-derived biofuels are actually doing more harm than good.

Terry Branstad, Steve King

The world is oil-mad. The global energy drive has taken on the vestiges of a quest: nations wage war for access to other nations’ oil reserves, while economic feuds break out over pricing and delivery schedules. World leaders hustle to ensure that the growing energy demands of their people are met. The notion that as demand for oil increases, the

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Coming to a Field Near You: ‘Agent Orange Corn’?

“2,4-D corn and soybeans just keep us on the same old pesticide treadmill; it’s a terrible idea.”

Despite widespread opposition from food safety, environmental and watchdog groups, as well as health professionals and concerned consumers, the USDA has paved the way for the commercial use of genetically engineered crops dubbed "Agent Orange" corn and soybeans. In its Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) released Friday, the agency said

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Ethanol’s Rise Can Mean Loss Of Hunting Lands

Booming corn and soy prices mean less native prairie and fewer birds throughout the nation’s corn belt.

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — Pheasants once drew hundreds of weekend hunters to Fairbury, Neb., each fall, filling the 45 rooms at Randy Brown's Capri Motel with sportsmen eager to bag their limits. But times have changed. The native grasslands and milo crops that used to dot surrounding Jefferson County have been overtaken by corn and soy crops.

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