The Murders of Floyd and Halak Exposed the US and Israel as Settler-Colonial Enterprises

The systemic oppression faced by blacks and Palestinians in the United States and Israel is indicative of a deeply rooted racism rarely found in true democracies.

George Floyd Palestine Feature photo

The slow, agonizing death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the torturous murder of Iyad Halak in Jerusalem have a great deal in common. Testimony I heard from a member of Iyad’s family who wished not to be identified is chilling. That testimony doesn’t make up for the video footage that Israeli police refuse to release that show the moments he

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Andre Vltchek: It Is Indifference of the Israelis That Is Killing People

As always, I was impressed by Israel’s infrastructure, but not by whom it serves. South Africa, during apartheid, built some of the greatest highways in the world. For the whites. Others were forced to live in the gutter. Israel does the same.

In the past, whenever I went to (or more precisely, ‘through’) Israel, it was for some antagonistic purpose: to write about the brutal suppression of the intifada in Gaza or Hebron, to comment on the insanity of the land grab around Bethlehem, or to report from the eerie and de-populated Golan Heights, which Israel occupies against all

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France, Turkey and England Return to their Colonial Ambitions

It is difficult to anticipate what form this future colonization will take. Long ago, it was made possible by the huge differences in the level of education. But today?

France | Africa

For a decade we have been revealing the incongruity of the French desire to re-establish its authority over its old colonies. This was the logic behind the nomination by President Nicolas Sarkozy of Bernard Kouchner as Minister for Foreign Affairs. Kouchner replaced the French Revolutionary idea of  "The Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the

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As Post-Colonial Migrants Cross the Mediterranean, Europe Says “Go Home” in Every Language

There is no escaping the fact that the “throw them back to Libya” attitude, fostered by governments and upheld by a considerable segment of the population, is prevailing.

Two activists sit on top of the 60-meter (197-feet) monument Christopher Columbus tower after placing a vest with the words "Open Arms" on the statue in Barcelona, Spain, Wednesday, July 4, 2018. Activists in Barcelona have dressed in an orange life-vest a statue of 15th-century explorer Christopher Columbus to turn attention to the loss of life of migrants and refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. Emilio Morenatti | AP

MALTA -- (Report) The standoff in June between Malta and Italy over the fate of over 600 migrants on board the Aquarius -- a rescue boat operated by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) -- made headline news for the wrong reasons. As both countries prioritized populist rhetoric, with Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini and Maltese Prime Minister

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May Day Repression Reveals Savagery of U.S. Colonialism, Resilience of Puerto Rico’s People

The island remains a stomping ground for U.S. corporations and the U.S. Armed Forces, which maintain significant military infrastructure across the island. Meanwhile, the over 3 million citizens on the island are denied their basic rights to self-determination.

Police detain a protester after a May Day march to protest pension cuts, school closures and slow hurricane recovery efforts turned violent, in San Juan, Puerto Rico, May 1, 2018. (AP/Carlos Giusti)

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO -- Puerto Rico’s capital was the site of massive scenes of brutal repression as police clamped down on an International Workers Day march using overwhelming violent force, scattering thousands of protesters who gathered to resist austerity measures and anti-worker attacks on the people of the U.S colonial territory. Despite

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Operation Pacific Eagle: Duterte Falls in Line with US Plans for the Philippines

Whatever anti-imperialist intentions the notoriously zig-zag Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte may have begun with, his natural affinity for the like-souled Trump has quickly brought him around to the traditional symbiosis with the U.S. and its use of his country for a regional launchpad.

A Republic of the Philippines Marine trains with a U.S. Marine unit, during a small-arms shoot, March 13, 2010.(Photo: U.S. Marine Corp)

In the second part of this MPN exclusive, we examine the U.S. military’s latest intervention in Asia, its 120 years of imperialist domination in the Philippines, and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s half-hearted push for independence from Washington. We speak to exiled Filipino revolutionary Jose Maria Sison and Professors William I. Robinson

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