The U.S. Military’s Child Sex Abuse Problem

The abuse is committed most often by male enlisted troops, according to new data, followed by family members.

(Photo: Cecilio M. Ricardo Jr/Public Domain)

WASHINGTON  — Cpl. Aaron C. Masa became fast friends with a fellow Marine during field training in North Carolina. But behind his buddy's back, Masa was sexually abusing his friend's 3-year-old stepdaughter. He also took sexually explicit photos of the girl and the Marine's infant daughter. A military judge convicted Masa last year of sexual

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The FBI Let Jared Fogle Molest Children For Years During Undercover Investigation

The journalist who wore a wire to investigate Fogle believes the former Subway spokesman targeted at least 14 children in Thailand and the United States for sexual assault.

Subway restaurant spokesman Jared Fogle walks to a waiting car as he leaves his home, in Zionsville, Ind. A raid at Fogle's home on Tuesday is just the latest bad news to hit the ubiquitous sandwich chain. The company has been struggling with sales, its CEO is being treated for cancer and it’s trying to convince customers about the quality and value of its food. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

ZIONSVILLE, Indiana --- It’s often been said that the wheels of justice turn slowly and the case of former Subway sandwich shop spokesperson Jared Fogle, who recently pleaded guilty to sex with minors, is an unfortunate example of the cost of that creeping pace. In August, Fogle agreed to plead guilty to possession of child pornography and sex

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The Blurred Lines Between Sexting And Child Porn

With technology moving faster than laws, there’s a gray area of whether teens sending nude pictures via text message constitutes child porn distribution or not.


In today’s technology-riddled world, it’s estimated that three out of every four teenagers have a cellphone in order to keep in regular contact with their parents and for safety reasons. But as anyone who has watched a teen use their phone knows, it’s not mom and dad teens are using their cell phones to talk to -- it’s their friends. A recent

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Lock Them Up Longer, Sell Their Stuff: How To Curb Child Pornography

To stop a 2,026% increase in child pornography cases, we need to get tough on the exploiters.

In Attleboro, Mass. last month, a 51-year-old manager of a sober house admitted to having hundreds of CDs and DVDs containing child pornagraphy — amassing to possibly the single-largest seizure of of the illicit material in the city’s police history. The man, Michael Paterson, was found to have images of nude boys as young as six-year-old on his

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Toni Morrison, Child Pornographer?

An Alabama congressman calls the Common Core novel “The Bluest Eye” exactly that: “child pornography.”

For Alabama state Sen. Bill Holtzclaw (R-Madison), Nobel Prize in Literature winner Toni Morrison’s “The Bluest Eye” is inappropriate for the public school setting, as the 1970 novel, which illustrates the life of a young Black girl who grows up longing to be White, has a storyline that exposes the reality of incest, rape and

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Tor Browser Malware Has Online Privacy Advocates Worried

Researchers are trying to determine the source of a piece of malware that identified users of the private Tor network.

Hackers, researchers and security experts are desperately trying to determine the source of a piece of malware that, using vulnerability in the Firefox browser, identified users of the private Tor network. The Tor network is comprised of a number of proxy nodes through which a user’s connection is routed, creating randomly generated private

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