New East African Mockumentary Takes Aim at the Billion-Dollar Aid World

Drugs, alcohol, misogyny and hapless leadership are just a few issues surrounding the everyday affairs of a fictitious NGO office in a comedic TV show.

Screenshot from the new television series: The Samaritans.

A young, arrogant country director from America has arrived to the field office in Nairobi, Kenya, and asks one of his local-national employees to get him some weed because he is running low. An office manager has her subordinate gather her “usual” post-work supplies:  vodka, several valium and a crack pipe. More than one of the men in the office

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Fundraising Companies Pocket Fortunes, Little Left For Veterans

Charities for veterans pay professional fundraisers to run call centers that generate funds, then allow them to keep up to 90 percent of donations.

Six charities purportedly devoted to American veterans ranked among the 50 worst charities in the nation, which means most money donated to them never reaches the intended beneficiaries. America’s Worst Charities, a collaboration by the Tampa Bay Times and the Center for Investigative Reporting, listed the National Veterans Service Fund (8),

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