Opposing Views Aren’t Mutually Exclusive – The Controversy Over Caitlin Johnstone

Even among the progressive movement, divergent views can sometimes lead to misunderstanding and distrust. This is greatly illustrated by the controversy surrounding journalist Caitlin Johnstone, who has been alternately described as a “fake lefty” and a political pragmatist.

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In the past two weeks, MintPress News has published two differing op-eds on the topic of left-right alliances. Both articles questioned if such alliances are an effective way to challenge the establishment. It sparked heated discussion and caused quite the firestorm online. The first article, titled “The Green Party – Marks In A Media Con Job,”

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Thought Crimes On The Left

“You can trust yourself to know who to collaborate with and in what areas; this notion that you cannot safely collaborate with the right is based on the false premise that we’re all too stupid and inept to make distinctions…” – Caitlin Johnstone

Artwork by Ahdieh Ashrafi. (flickr/creative commons)

A few days ago, MintPress News published a rather nasty hit piece by Yoav Litvin titled "The Green Party - Marks in a Media Con Job", originally printed in CounterPunch a few days earlier. Litvin's original post in CounterPunch was followed two days later by a very similar hit piece by Joshua Frank, ridiculously titled "On Caitlin Johnstone and

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The Green Party – Marks In A Media Con Job

According to writer Yoav Litvin, the Green Party, as well as much of the progressive left, has fallen prey to political outsiders with ulterior motives.

Green Party USA flag

November, 2016 came and went and the world has since been immersed in the predicament of the Republican regime headed by the insane orange clown president and his unelected, and all-too-present familia. Within the American duopoly, the “opposition” Democratic Party has yet to recover from its resounding defeat and humiliation, retreating

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