Labour’s Brexit Strategy Backfires as UK Votes to Leave EU at Any Cost

While Labour hemorrhaged votes across the board, it was in “leave” constituencies the party faired the worst, where their vote share decreased by over ten percent on average.

UK Brexit Election Feature photo

The Conservative Party is celebrating a resounding victory in yesterday’s General Elections in the United Kingdom. With all but one of the 650 constituencies counted, the public has elected 364 Tory Members to Parliament, on a night that saw great losses for the Labour Party.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson declared the moment a “new dawn” for the

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Brexit Might Lead to UK Conservative Government’s “Annihilation”

A socialist at Number 10 Downing Street is not even the most radical change to the U.K. that could be set in motion by the end of this week. Brexit has also made the breakup of the United Kingdom a strong and imminent possibility.

Britain EU theresa may

LONDON (Analysis) -- It is official. The end-of-March deadline for the United Kingdom to leave the European Union has come and gone. But Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative government has failed to reach a deal and has controversially postponed the economically and geopolitically seismic separation, known to the world as Brexit. Britain

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With a Hard Brexit Looming, UK Invites 10,000 Foreign Troops Over for Military Exercises

The U.K. government’s martial-law option for Brexit would allow government ministers to impose curfews and travel bans, confiscate private property, and deploy the armed forces to any U.K. location of their choosing.

Theresa May | BREXIT Military

LONDON -- As the drama over Brexit continues to reach new heights, the U.K. government has raised eyebrows by announcing that it will host 10,000 foreign troops for a massive military exercise beginning the day after Brexit had been set to take place. The announcement of the exercise has raised the specter of a post-Brexit “martial law”

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Hezbollah Becomes Theresa May’s Latest Scapegoat In her Battle for Political Survival

Hezbollah is a popular political, military and social movement that wields considerable power in Lebanon. Its presence in defense of Lebanese sovereignty against Israeli aggression has earned it respect and support across Arab countries even if neo-colonial monarchies such as Saudi Arabia — another British creation — have teamed up with Israel to crush it.

Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May looks to the media as she greets Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman outside 10 Downing Street in London, Wednesday, March 7, 2018. (AP/Alastair Grant)

Having lost considerable influence in Europe and other parts of the world over the chaotic Brexit process, Britain’s Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking to gain leverage by boxing-in Hezbollah. British politics under the Conservative government not only appears to have lost the plot, but many may not be faulted if they also ask whether May has

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Trump Accidentally Supercharges Europe’s Resistance to Authoritarian Populism

If Trump’s aggressive style and populist impulses have encouraged his political soulmates abroad, they’ve also provoked a backlash in defense of democratic norms.

On the eve of his recent visit to the UK, Donald Trump described the country as being in “turmoil.” And at one end of the political spectrum there was turmoil aplenty, with a slew of high-profile ministerial resignations from the Conservative government following the publication of its long-awaited plan for leaving the European Union, referred to

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Boris Johnson Jumps Brexit Ship, Jeremy Corbyn Emphasizes Theresa May’s Failures

“For the good of this country and its people, the Government needs to get its act together and do it quickly,” Corbyn told May and her Tory allies. “And if it can’t, make way for those who can.”

In the wake of key resignations from the Tory government, leader of the UK Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn lit into Prime Minister Theresa May and her Tory government on the floor of the House of Commons on Monday as he castigated the failure of her leadership at a perilous time for the nation's economic and political future. Corbyn's remarks came on

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